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The importance of reproductive health care in women

Published on January 1, 2023 by myLAB Box
Three women standing together on a field, posing for a photo

As women’s reproductive rights remain an ever-pressing issue in today’s society, you may wonder: What is reproductive health care? If you find yourself asking this question, you’re not alone. Reproductive health care is a delicate and multifaceted subject that encompasses women’s physical and mental well-being. In this article, we’ll consider just what reproductive health care […]

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How to interpret ovulation test results

Published on December 19, 2022 by myLAB Box
Woman holding an ovulation test and looking at it

Trying to conceive can be a stressful and frustrating process. You may encounter times when you’re certain you timed intercourse right to get pregnant, only to be met with disappointment. You may also take several ovulation tests to gauge the best time to conceive during this time. Knowing how to read your ovulation test results […]

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Five reasons to buy an at-home lab test

Published on December 12, 2022 by myLAB Box
Female scientist in lab coat carefully places a test tube

Have you ever suspected you have a health issue and need lab tests done? Maybe you just wanted to check out your hormone or vitamin levels to make sure everything’s balanced as it should be. We all know the importance of lab tests. But honestly, sometimes it can be embarrassing to get them done at […]

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How to test your nutrition level

Published on July 16, 2021 by myLAB Box
Wooden cutting board with two bowls of salad and fruits

Adequate nutrition is essential for human life. Low levels of nutrition can compromise your immune system and your body’s ability to fight off illnesses and infections. It can also lead to serious health problems and complications. One way to know this is by carrying out nutrition testing at home. What kind of tests can you […]

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How do STDs interfere with female fertility?

Published on July 8, 2021 by myLAB Box
Woman with long brown hair standing by the shore

Finding out that you have a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) or Disease  (STD) can come as a huge shock. It can lead to anger, self-blame, fear or stress. Some of the questions you might ask yourself are whether the infection is curable and how it will affect your life. As a woman who is planning […]

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Signs & Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer

Published on June 11, 2019 by myLAB Box
Image of nine different women standing next to each other

Order Your At-Home STD Test Now In the early stages of Cervical Cancer, the disease shows little — to no — signs or symptoms. Regular pap screenings for women are essential to check for abnormal cells in the cervix. If abnormal cells are detected, they can be monitored and treated as quickly as possible. Pap […]

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Can STDs Cause Birth Defects?

Published on June 10, 2019 by myLAB Box
stds that cause birth defects

STDs pose a special risk for women who are pregnant and their infants. If a mother is diagnosed with an STD, the fetus is at a much higher risk than normal of becoming infected. STDs and STIs including chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, and cytomegalovirus (CMV) can be passed from mother to child during delivery, especially if […]

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What Is The Difference Between Pap Testing And HPV Testing?

Published on May 28, 2019 by myLAB Box

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Over 13,000 women each year are diagnosed with cervical cancer in the United States. However, cervical cancers are one of the most preventable cancers. Cervical cancer can be prevented with early detection and treatment of abnormal cell changes that happen in the cervix before cancer develops. Cells in the […]

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Causes Of Female Pain During Sex

Published on April 29, 2019 by myLAB Box
female pain during sex

Order Your At Home STD Test Now  Typically speaking, vaginal penetration is not a painful activity. Yet sometimes, discomfort or pain can occur while having sex. There are a number of underlying issues that could irritate this sensitive area of the female body. Let’s talk about the causes of female pain during sex and how […]

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What STDs can cause bugs in your vagina?

Published on April 29, 2019 by myLAB Box
Woman sitting on bed, embracing her knees

Order Your At Home STD Test Now On their own, most STDs carry with them a certain amount of grossness. However, if you add bugs in your vagina into that equation, they get quite the more questionable. When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases and infections, parasites and bugs are not all that rare. In […]

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