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Hidden Danger: Why You Should Take A Mycoplasma Genitalium Test

Mycoplasma Genitalium Testing

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Mycoplasma Genitalium is a common sexually transmitted infection (STI), but only recently has a Mycoplasma Genitaliam test become available.  In fact, you can screen for this infection from the comfort of home. If you are sexually active, it really is a good idea to do so. Mycoplasma Genitalium […]

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These Are The Most Common HSV 2 Symptoms

↵These are the Most Common HSV 2 Symptoms

The topic of HSV 2 symptoms might be an unpleasant one to discuss. In many cases, it actually produces very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. This is why it goes undiagnosed so often–which in turn contributes to the spread of the virus.   The Worst Of It HSV 2 (or herpes simplex virus […]

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