Best At Home STD Test Options Compared

Best At Home STD Test

When it comes to testing for STD’s going to the doctor can feel a little overwhelming. To avoid this, most consumers are turning to home testing kits, instead. However, the biggest question is which test kit is best? There are dozens of options online and it can easily get confusing quickly when considering your options. […]

Can Mycoplasma Genitalium Be Cured?

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Mycoplasma genitalium, or MG, has only recently be considered a significant health concern. Is a fairly common bacteria that was discovered in the 1980s. Until recently, it was considered to be harmless. However, it is now considered a significant cause of STIs. The good news is that mycoplasma […]

Can You Get An STD With A Condom?

Order Your At Home STD Test Now   Many people assume that they will not get an STD simply because they practiced safe sex by using a condom. But this is not a safe assumption to make. Can you get an STD with a condom? The short answer is, yes, you can get an STD […]

Can Hepatitis B Go Undetected For Years?

Order Your At Home STD Test Now The scary truth is that Hepatitis B (HBV) can go undetected for years. Hepatitis B is an infection caused by a virus that is transmitted through sex or sharing equipment to use drugs. The hepatitis B virus infects the liver and can go unnoticed because symptoms are not […]

What is Penile Discharge?

penile discharge

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Anytime something unnatural happens with your penis, it raises a rightful concern. If you’ve never had penile discharge, then unexpectedly experiencing it is a scary situation. Penile discharge happens when different fluids collect in the urethra and are caused by bacterial infections, viral infections, and yeast infections. The […]

Can You Have AIDS And Not HIV?


Order Your At Home STD Test Now Contracting HIV or AIDS is a common and regular fear among both old people and young. HIV is a virus that may eventually lead to the much more serious AIDS. AIDS is a disease that affects your body after many years of abuse from HIV. Once HIV weakens […]

What Does HIV Rash Look Like?

HIV rash

HIV Rash For countless people with HIV, a rash is one of the first symptoms that will appear and have noticeable effects. That is because once the virus enters your body, naturally occurring HIV antibodies form in an attempt to fight off the infection. Since HIV is an infection that attacks your immune system, there […]

What Color Is Discharge When You Have An STD?

vaginal discharge stds

As most women would tell you, vaginal discharges are a fairly common occurrence. However, when common discharges become uncommon, it’s easy to recognize a problem. Uncommon discharges are characterized by smell, color, or the appearance of a pain that hasn’t occurred before. STDs can cause very distinct changes in vaginal discharges because they disrupt a […]

Is Vaginal Burning Caused By An STD?

vaginal burning std

If your vagina burns, there are a number of things that could be causing it. That’s why it is important to identify whether you have an STD, an STI, or contact dermatitis. Vaginal burning is an unusual and abnormal stinging or burning that occurs most often during urination. The irritation most often comes from lesions […]

What is the Difference Between A UTI And An STD?

stds vs cutis

Order Your At Home STD Test Now When it comes to your body, we all like to believe that we know how our body works and what it responds to. Nobody wants to admit they have an STD or UTI and so we rationalize our symptoms and avoid getting tested or going to the doctor […]

Why Do My Balls Hurt?

why do my balls hurt

Order Your At Home STD Test Now When it comes to a man’s reproductive system, his testicles are vital and important. When they hurt, it should raise concern and worry in their owners since STDs and STIs could be the reason for the pain. Many STDs and STIs can result in testicular pain so pinpointing […]

STDs That Cause Dry Skin

STDs that cause dry skin

Order Your At Home STD Test Now If you’re experiencing itchy skin anywhere on your body, it’s important to know what may be causing it. While there are many reasons for itchy and dry skin, it’s possible that these are symptoms of an undiagnosed STD or STI such as herpes or AIDS. If that itchy […]