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5 Ways At Home STD Test Kits Are Easier Than Going to the Clinic

5 Ways At Home STD Test Kits Are Easier Than Going to a Clinic

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Using at home STD test kits makes your life way easier than going to a clinic.  Now is the time to live your life instead of worrying about sexually transmitted infections. That said, it is also extremely important to take STIs seriously and test regularly. Now, how exactly […]

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How Long to Get STD Test Results Back From Clinic

❖ Free physician consultation ❖ Mail-in kits for home use ❖ Test in just 5 minutes ❖ Lab results in 2-5 days ❖ 100% pain free ❖ Enjoy free shipping To Order By Phone Click Here (800)856-9522 A common question from those who need to test for sexually transmitted infections is “ how long does […]

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When the best STD health clinic is right at home

When the Best STD Health Clinic is Right at Home

A number of unpleasant factors keep people from walking into an STD health clinic. Each factor contributes to the rise of undiagnosed STDs that continue to go untreated and are then passed on to new partners. The dreaded waiting room Finding time to get yourself to a walk-in STD health clinic is hard enough in […]

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How Do They Test for STDs?

↵How Do They Test for STDs?

With the rate of sexually transmitted infections and diseases on the rise, everybody wants to know: “How do they test for STDs?” Traditionally, you can be tested for sexually transmitted infections at a doctor’s office or clinic. Modern options make this sometimes uncomfortable process easier, allowing you to test with an at-home testing service like […]

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How to not let oral gonorrhea ruin your next date

↵How to Not Let Oral Gonorrhea Ruin Your Next Date

Oral gonorrhea sounds a lot more unpleasant than it actually is. Symptoms usually don’t go beyond a sore throat and difficulty swallowing. Sometimes, people with oral gonorrhea can feel no symptoms at all, which makes testing even more important. However, a positive test result doesn’t mean your sex life is over. It also may not mean you have […]

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