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Enjoy a happier and healthier sex life with tips and news from the myLAB Box™ sexual health Blog! There is no better day to start than today.

Add a Love Box Home STD Test to Your Autumn Dating List

Order Your At Home STD Test Now It’s officially autumn. That means that it’s the perfect time for watching scary movies while you cuddle with your partner. It’s also the season of the Halloween hook-up. Let’s look at some autumn dating ideas to add to your seasonal checklist! Romance is in the Air Let’s face […]

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How Home STD Testing Kits Actually Help Your Overall Health

Order Your At Home STD Test Now September is Sexual Health Month, but let’s be clear. Your home STD testing kits don’t only benefit your sexual health. They benefit your overall health. Testing for sexually transmitted diseases and infections is often not spoken about, or is seen as taboo. The truth is, if you are […]

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The Best Place for STD Testing is At Home

A common misconception is that the best place for STD testing is at the clinic or doctor’s office.  This is largely because this method of testing is what we’re used to.  But innovation is the way of the future and better solutions to common practices are created every day. Testing at a medical facility is […]

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What are Some Common Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms?

In order to understand common BV symptoms, you must first know what BV is. BV stands for Bacterial Vaginosis. This infection is very much treatable if it is diagnosed and treated. As you’ll see below, when it is left untreated this infection can cause unnecessary complications. BV occurs when there is an imbalance of “good” […]

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↵What is Trich?

What is Trich ? That seems like a simple enough question, but the answer can be complicated. If you’re asking yourself “What is Trich?” then chances are that you may not have gotten tested for it before. Let’s change that right now by taking a closer look at what it is, what to do about […]

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Look Out For These Signs of Chlamydia

We should all be on the lookout for the signs of chlamydia. After all, it is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STI). Anyone who has been diagnosed with this STI knows how difficult it is to detect without regular testing. It affects men and women in very different ways, so let’s take […]

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