Celebrating National LGBTQ Pride Month 2019

myLAB Box LGBT STD testing at home

Every year people across the globe celebrate Gay Pride or LGBT Pride Month, in honor of the 1969 Stonewall riots in NYC. That rebellion on June 28, 1969 is considered the birth of the LGBTQ movement. We’ve come a long way and there’s more to come. So far, 2019  has been a significant year for the LGBTQ […]

How to Test for STDs at Home

How to Test for STDs at Home

Let’s talk about how to test for STDs at home. Sexually transmitted infections and diseases are more prevalent than you may think. Fortunately, you can screen yourself at any time and from any place! Why Should I Consider Testing From Home? Affordability Testing at home is an innovative technology that everyone should consider. For example, […]

Preventing Vaginitis & Yeast Infections

Preventing a Vaginal Infection

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Most women already know that a vaginal infection can be quite uncomfortable.  Naturally, it’s good to know the basics on how to avoid this pesky irritation. First, it should be noted that there are different types of vaginal infection. The two most common are Bacterial Vaginitis and the yeast […]

↵Why you can’t get a free home STI test

Why you can't get a free home STI test

Like unicorns and Santa Claus, a free home Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) test is, sadly, reserved for the world of fantasy. Here’s why:   Science isn’t free Remember how syphilis used to be a death sentence? Well thanks to science, we can now cure it with a single needle. In addition, we have the incredible […]

5 Reasons Why Walk In STD Testing Isn’t for You

5 Reasons Why Walk In STD Testing Isn’t for You

Walk in STD testing isn’t for everyone. That’s a normal feeling to have, and you definitely aren’t alone. If any of the following reasons sound familiar, you know that walk in STD testing isn’t for you.   1. Waiting rooms are the worst Waiting in a room full of people isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. […]

When the Best STD Health Clinic is Right at Home

When the best STD health clinic is right at home

A number of unpleasant factors keep people from walking into an STD health clinic. Each factor contributes to the rise of undiagnosed STDs that continue to go untreated and are then passed on to new partners. The dreaded waiting room Finding time to get yourself to a walk-in STD health clinic is hard enough in […]

↵Why You Can’t Always Get Same Day STD Results

Why You Can’t Always Get Same Day STD Results

When it comes time to get tested, same day STD results are everyone’s obvious preference. The truth is that while many clinics, labs and other STD testing services will throw around the term “same day STD results”, it can take anywhere from a few business days to several weeks to get results. But why? There […]

↵The Benefits of an At Home STI Test Kit

The Benefits of an At Home STI Test Kit

Why are so many people choosing to use an at home Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) test kit? Well, when it’s time to get tested (and let’s face it, if you’re sexually active, it’s definitely time to get tested) a trip to the clinic can be really unpleasant. Sitting in waiting rooms, doctors poking and prodding, answering […]

Why it’s Tough to Talk about Symptoms of HIV in Men

Why it's Tough to Talk about Symptoms of HIV in Men

Order Your At Home STD Test Now The association of homosexuality with HIV might create uneasiness around discussing symptoms of HIV in men. Between our society’s struggle to accept different sexual orientations and the perceived severity of an HIV infection, bringing this topic up is tough. Here’s what you should know, and what you should do […]

↵Can I Get a Free STI Test?

Can I Get a Free STI Test?

Is there such thing as a free STI test? In short, the answer is yes. However, there are a few factors you may want to consider and some things you’ll need to know before going this route.   Do I qualify? Quite often, to be eligible for free STI testing, you need to meet certain criteria […]

↵When Should I Get a Full STD Panel Test?

When should I get a full STD panel test?

For anyone who dances the horizontal shuffle, a regular full STD panel test is a must. STD testing used to be awkward, costly, and inconvenient, but with the rise of home testing from myLAB Box, now it’s a breeze. Here are a few situations where a full panel test is non-negotiable:   New to the […]

↵Can I Use a Homemade STD Test?

Can I use a homemade STD test?

If you’re channeling your inner Walter White and feel the urge to craft a homemade STD test, you’d better think again. Some things are just too good to be true and the existence of a legitimate homemade STD test is one of them. Unless you have a full laboratory and a “Ph.D.” behind your name, […]