How Do You Know If Your Partner Has An STD?

How to know if sexual partner has STD

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Let’s be honest, most people who engage in unprotected sex don’t believe that they’ll get an STD. Most people think based on their first impressions, risk assessment, and level of intoxication that they’d be able to tell if their partner had an STD. There isn’t a consensus about […]

How Home STD Testing Kits Actually Help Your Overall Health

Sexual Health Month: How Home STD Testing Kits Actually Help Your Overall Health

Order Your At Home STD Test Now September is Sexual Health Month, but let’s be clear. Your home STD testing kits don’t only benefit your sexual health. They benefit your overall health. Testing for sexually transmitted diseases and infections is often not spoken about, or is seen as taboo. The truth is, if you are […]

Early HIV Signs & Symptoms in Women

Identifying the Early HIV Symptoms in Women

Order Your At Home STD Test Now It is important to recognize early HIV symptoms in women. The earlier you get tested and can begin treatment, the better. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is an incurable virus that weakens your immune system and is spread through some bodily fluids like semen and blood. HIV can also spread […]

Are STD Tests Covered by Insurance?

Are STD Tests Covered by Insurance?

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Are STD tests covered by insurance? This is a question we hear quite frequently. Truthfully, the answer can be a bit complicated. Here’s the rundown: Are STD Tests Covered by Insurance? The “Clinic” Answer The short answer here is “sometimes.” The truth is, many insurance companies will cover […]

The Uber Box: MyLAB Box’s Most Popular at Home Test Kit

The Uber Box: MyLAB Box’s Most Popular at Home Test Kit

The Uber Box is myLAB Box’s most popular at home testing kit. The truth is, we pride ourselves on giving our customers options. myLAB Box was created to offer people the ability to take control of their health. Thanks to home testing, everyone can easily and quickly screen for infections from the comfort of home. […]

Cost of At Home HIV Testing

How Much Does an HIV Test Cost at Home?

Order Your At Home STD Test Now How much does an HIV test cost at home? It’s much more reasonable than many folks might expect! Today, let’s talk about the convenience and affordability of myLAB Box’s at home HIV testing option. Using myLAB Box’s home testing kits, you can screen from the privacy of your own […]

STD Testing Costs At Urgent Care

How Much Does an STD Test Cost at Urgent Care?

❖ Free physician consultation ❖ Mail-in kits for home use ❖ Test in just 5 minutes ❖ Lab results in 2-5 days ❖ 100% pain free ❖ Enjoy free shipping To Order By Phone Click Here (800)856-9522 You may be wondering STD testing costs At urgent care. The truth is, there isn’t a clear cut-and-dry answer […]

Why Use a Genital Herpes Testing Kit

Should I Use a Genital Herpes Testing Kit?

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Using a home genital herpes testing kit is a no-brainer. After all, genital herpes is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections. Unfortunately, it is also very contagious, so you definitely want to take a test regardless of whether you are experiencing symptoms. Genital Herpes (HSV-2) Symptoms […]

Seven Chlamydia In Home Test Options

The Seven Chlamydia Test Options You Can Use at Home

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Think seven at-home chlamydia test options is too much? We certainly don’t think so! After all, chlamydia is the second most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States. At myLAB Box, we recognize that everyone is different and all consumers have special interests and needs. Truthfully, that’s […]

How Over the Counter STD Test Kits Work

How Much is STD Testing at Home?

Over The Counter STD Testing Kits With myLAB Box Lucky for you, along with being accessible, over the counter STD testing is also very affordable. In fact, myLAB Box’s at-home tests are only about half of the out-of-pocket price of testing at most clinics and doctor’s offices. Our OTC test kits start at $79.  Order […]

Hepatitis C Testing Cost

Blood Simple: Using a Hepatitis C Test

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Using a home Hepatitis C test is a practical and convenient way to keep on top of your health. This blood-borne virus causes inflammation of the liver. For some, it is a short-term illness. However for many, Hepatitis C can becomes a long-term, chronic infection that causes many […]

Where Can I Get Tested For Trichomoniasis?

Should I Use a Home Trichomoniasis Test?

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Options For Trichomoniasis Test Kits The most direct option is to use a single, dedicated trichononiasis test. Of course, regular testing extends far beyond trich. Therefore, if you’re testing for one infection, why not test for a whole battery of them at once? myLAB Box offers combination packages for […]