Best At Home STD Test Options Compared

Best At Home STD Test

When it comes to testing for STD’s going to the doctor can feel a little overwhelming. To avoid this, most consumers are turning to home testing kits, instead. However, the biggest question is which test kit is best? There are dozens of options online and it can easily get confusing quickly when considering your options. […]

Signs & Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer

symptoms of cervical cancer

Order Your At Home STD Test Now In the early stages of Cervical Cancer, the disease shows little — to no — signs or symptoms. Regular pap screenings for women are essential to check for abnormal cells in the cervix. If abnormal cells are detected, they can be monitored and treated as quickly as possible. […]

What Is The Difference Between Pap Testing And HPV Testing?

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Over 13,000 women each year are diagnosed with cervical cancer in the United States. However, cervical cancers are one of the most preventable cancers. Cervical cancer can be prevented with early detection and treatment of abnormal cell changes that happen in the cervix before cancer develops. Cells in the […]

Can You Get Rid Of HPV Once You Have It?

get rid of hpv once you have it

Order Your At Home STD Test Now The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a name given to a group of about 100 related viruses. HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease and is much more common than you might think. There is currently no cure for the HPV infection. However, for most people, HPV can […]

What Happens If HPV Is Left Untreated?

hpv goes untreated

Order Your At Home STD Test Now HPV affects millions of Americans and has become the most prevalent STD in the United States. Although there is a vaccine available now, millions of unvaccinated Americans have already been infected or become newly infected every year. There are more than 100 different strains of HPV, some of […]

What Causes HPV In Females?

hpv in women

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Human papillomavirus (HPV) affects more than 79 million Americans. It is currently the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the United States. While there are several varieties of HPV the most severe cases can cause genital warts and cancer. Because HPV infections are more prominent for women […]

How Does A Man Know If He Has HPV?

hpv in men

Order Your At Home STD Test Now So what is HPV? HPV or Human Papillomavirus, is a common virus. Actually, most sexually active people in the US will contract the virus at some point in their lives. There are around 40 types of HPV that are passed through sexual contact. All of these strains can […]

At Home HPV Test

HPV Test

Order Your At Home STD Test Now If you watch the news, you’ve probably noticed that HPV has been the source of much political controversy. That said, it is a sexually transmitted infection that affects a surprisingly high number of people. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common STD. Nearly half of Americans between the ages of […]

Mycoplasma Genitalium Testing

Hidden Danger: Why You Should Take A Mycoplasma Genitalium Test

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Mycoplasma Genitalium is a common sexually transmitted infection (STI), but only recently has a Mycoplasma Genitaliam test become available.  In fact, you can screen for this infection from the comfort of home. If you are sexually active, it really is a good idea to do so. Mycoplasma Genitalium […]

At Home HIV Test Cost 

How Much Does an HIV Test Cost at Home? 

Order Your At Home STD Test Now How much does an at home HIV test cost? The answer is far more affordable than most people think. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how to recognize the signs and symptoms of HIV. Once we take a closer look at the virus, we’ll answer the question of how […]

↵How Long Does It Take to Get STD Results Back?

How Long Does It Take to Get STD Results Back?

How long does it take to get STD results back?  Unfortunately, when you get tested at a clinic or doctor’s office, you may not get your results at all. Many medical professionals only call their patients if their results are positive. This leaves other patients needlessly worried for longer than necessary.  Luckily, with myLAB Box’s […]