Best At Home STD Test Options Compared

Best At Home STD Test

When it comes to testing for STD’s going to the doctor can feel a little overwhelming. To avoid this, most consumers are turning to home testing kits, instead. However, the biggest question is which test kit is best? There are dozens of options online and it can easily get confusing quickly when considering your options. […]

Hep B VS Hep C

hep b vs hep c

Order Your At Home STD Test Now So what’s the difference? There are five different strains of the hepatitis virus. Even though they are distinguishable, the sheer complexity of the virus makes it difficult to understand the differences and nuances. What is hepatitis? Hepatitis translates to, “inflammation of the liver”. Many different situations can cause […]

Raising Awareness Of Viral Hepatitis During Hepatitis Awareness Month

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Hepatitis Awareness Month: Understanding the Risks May Is Hepatitis Awareness Month. The federal government, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and numerous other agencies and community allies are joining together to raise awareness of viral hepatitis. What is Hepatitis? First, let’s discuss exactly what viral hepatitis […]

The Uber Box: MyLAB Box’s Most Popular at Home Test Kit

The Uber Box: MyLAB Box’s Most Popular at Home Test Kit

The Uber Box is myLAB Box’s most popular at home testing kit. The truth is, we pride ourselves on giving our customers options. myLAB Box was created to offer people the ability to take control of their health. Thanks to home testing, everyone can easily and quickly screen for infections from the comfort of home. […]

↵Hep C: Use a Hepatitis Test Kit At Home

Hep C: Use a Hepatitis Test Kit At Home

A home hepatitis test kit may be the best way to take full control of your health. Specifically, we’re talking about Hepatitis C. Hep C can be transmitted through sex, but it’s a bit more complicated than you might expect. In order to explore why you might want to use a hepatitis test kit, you […]

Reliability of At Home STD Tests

How Reliable Are Home STD Tests? 

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Home STD tests are the way of the future. These innovative self-healthcare solutions are able to provide convenient, meaningful results from home within a few days of testing.  Thanks to home STD tests, men and women can stop relying on their doctors and insurance plans to learn their […]

↵How to Test for STDs From Home

How to Test for STDs From Home

You may be surprised when you find out how to test for STDs from home. In fact, it is easy, convenient and opens up so many testing options for you.  myLAB Box is the first at-home testing service, so you know you have a trusted partner for all of your health needs.  In fact, myLAB […]

The Most Comprehensive Home STD Panel on the Market

The Most Comprehensive Home STD Panel on the Market

Not all STD panel kits are created equal.  While other home tests screen for popular sexually transmitted diseases, myLAB Box allows you to be as thorough as possible by testing for all fourteen of the most common STDs at once. Why Try the Total Box Home STD Panel? myLAB Box’s Total Box is the most […]

At Home HPV Test Can Help Prevent Cervical Cancer

at home hpv test

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Cervical Health Awareness Month is the perfect time to discuss how an at home HPV test can help prevent cervical cancer. Many people don’t realize that there is a connection between the two.  The good news is this is the most preventable female cancer.  Despite this, about 12,000 […]