What are Some Common Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms?

What are Some Common BV Symptoms? 

In order to understand common BV symptoms, you must first know what BV is. BV stands for Bacterial Vaginosis. This infection is very much treatable if it is diagnosed and treated. As you’ll see below, when it is left untreated this infection can cause unnecessary complications. BV occurs when there is an imbalance of “good” […]

6 At Home Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Test Options

6 At-Home Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Test Options

Order Your At Home STD Test Now An at home gonorrhea and chlamydia test can give you the same results as a clinic or doctor’s office.  In some cases, like extragenital testing, it can even be more thorough than these medical facilities. At myLAB Box, we understand that people have different sexual preferences. After all, […]

Common Signs of Bacterial Vaginosis

Common Signs of Bacterial Vaginosis

Can you spot the signs of bacterial vaginosis? It can be trickier than you may expect. Bacterial Vaginosis, or BV, is an infection of the vagina. It’s caused by an imbalance of bacteria. You see, there are actually a lot bacteria living in and around any woman’s vagina. There’s good bacteria and bad bacteria. Normally […]

Online STD Testing: Everything You Need to Know

Online STD Testing: Everything You Need to Know

Online STD testing – that is, ordering online and testing from the comfort of your home – is an innovation by myLAB Box that is designed to revolutionize the healthcare industry as we know it. The Standard Way The traditional standard of STD testing is a tired one. You know that you need to get tested, but even […]

Yeast Infection Signs & Symptoms

Does White Discharge Mean That I Have a Yeast Infection? 

Order Your At Home STD Test Now It can be difficult to nail down the cause of your vagina’s white discharge. Can white discharge mean that you have a yeast infection? Possibly. However, it can also mean a number of other things. In fact, a yeast infection is only one of the possible reasons for […]

Why Testing for BV Can Improve Women’s Health

Why Testing for BV Can Improve Women’s Health

Testing for BV can improve your health because without testing you may not even realize you have an infection.  Remaining blissfully unaware may seem like a great option to some. However, it never is in the long run.  If left untreated, a BV infection can cause serious complications. You see BV, or Bacterial Vaginosis, occurs […]

Gonorrhea Symptoms in Women

How to Test for Gonorrhea at Home

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Once you know Gonorrhea symptoms in women , you’ll realize why this testing method is the easiest and most convenient approach to owning your own health. You see, gonorrhea is a very common sexually transmitted infection.  In fact, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately 820,000 […]

Recognizing the Signs of BV

Recognizing the Signs of BV

Do you know the signs of BV? By “BV,” we’re talking about Bacterial Vaginosis.  Recognizing the symptoms of this infection is absolutely the key to having a healthy vagina. In today’s blog post, let’s learn about this common vaginal infection and learn to recognize the signs of BV. If you’ve read up on our recent […]

Take a Bacterial Vaginosis Test At Home

There’s no more reason to be kept in the dark about your vaginal health now that you can take a bacterial vaginosis test at home. Have a burning feeling when you urinate? Wonder why there’s a fishy odor coming from “down there”?  Take an at-home bacterial vaginosis test to get all the answers you need […]

Myths & Facts About Gonorrhea

Dating & Myths About Gonorrhea

Order Your At Home STD Test Now It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, so let’s discuss some myths about gonorrhea! What? That’s not what you were expecting us to say? Well, believe it or not, gonorrhea is rampant these days. While you’re out there dating, it’s definitely something you want to be aware of. In fact, the […]

What are Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms?

What are Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms?

It is important to recognize bacterial vaginosis symptoms so you can keep the balance of bacteria in your vagina healthy.  Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is a common vaginal infection. It occurs when there is an imbalance of “good” and “bad” bacteria in the vagina. While the causes of the infection are still not entirely clear, a […]

Cost of STD Testing Without Insurance

What Is the Cost of STD Testing Without Insurance?

Paying the cost of STD testing without insurance probably doesn’t seem very enticing. However, when you consider the cost difference between paying with insurance and testing from home without insurance, you may change your mind. Why Insurance Isn’t the Best Option First, it’s important to understand why you may not want to pay for your […]