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How To Take An Anal Chlamydia Test At Home

Published on July 30, 2018 by boxylab
Icon of chlamydia bacteria

Did you realize that certain sexually transmitted infections and diseases can affect areas of your body beyond just your genitals? It’s true. Chlamydia, for example, is one of the most common infections that can affect your mouth and rectal regions. Even worse, these infections are often not detected by standard STD testing. That’s where three-site […]

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Why At Home STD Tests are The Easiest Way to Test

Published on June 24, 2018 by boxylab
Why Taking STD Tests At Home is Your Ticket to Ease of Mind

Order Your At Home STD Test Now STD tests at home are convenient, affordable, quick, accurate and easy. What more can you ask for? Testing for sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDs) isn’t only important for your sex life, it is important for your overall health and your ease of mind. After all, one in […]

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Why Take a Rectal Gonorrhea Test

Published on May 29, 2018 by boxylab
Illustration of gonorrhea

Order Your At Home STD Test Now If you engage in anal sex, then getting tested for rectal gonorrhea is a vital step in taking control of your health. Above all, it is important to be sure you are being screened for all potential threats. This can include genital, oral and/or rectal infections. Testing for […]

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How Do I Know When to Get Tested for STDs?

Published on March 12, 2018 by boxylab
How Do I Know When to Get Tested for STDs?

Order Your At Home STD Test Now The recommended timing for when to get tested for STDs varies depending on your lifestyle. At myLAB Box, we consider the optimum frequency of testing to be once every 3-6 months for sexually active adults. At the very least, everyone should test once each year. When to Get […]

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