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Body Crabs

↵Don’t Let Body Crabs Ruin Your Sex Life

Who wants to talk about body crabs? Everyone, right? Awesome. Let’s take a look at pubic and body crabs to figure out how these fascinating (and horrifying) little creatures can affect your sex life. Then let’s discuss how to get rid of them. What Are Body Crabs? Crabs are a weird type of sexually transmitted […]

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Everything you need to know about crabs (the STD)

Everything You Need to Know About Crabs (the STD)

Crabs are great at a restaurant, but today we’re talking about crabs the STD. While both types of crabs may be common “gifts” to receive during a date that ends in the bedroom, crabs the STD are a lot less fun. Crabs may be uncomfortable, but it’s also one of the least damaging. However, it’s […]

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