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Enjoy a happier and healthier sex life with tips and news from the myLAB Box™ sexual health Blog! There is no better day to start than today.

The Cost to Get STD Tested Using Home Collection

Order Your At Home STD Test Now At-home collection testing is a new innovative approach to healthcare. To that note, it’s an approach that lets you take full control of your sexual health from the comfort of home. Therefore, we realize that you may have questions. As always, we’re more than happy to answer them! […]

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Early HIV Signs & Symptoms in Women

Order Your At Home STD Test Now It is important to recognize early HIV symptoms in women. The earlier you get tested and can begin treatment, the better. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is an incurable virus that weakens your immune system and is spread through some bodily fluids like semen and blood. HIV can also spread […]

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Cost of At Home HIV Testing

Order Your At Home STD Test Now How much does an HIV test cost at home? It’s much more reasonable than many folks might expect! Today, let’s talk about the convenience and affordability of myLAB Box’s at home HIV testing option. Using myLAB Box’s home testing kits, you can screen from the privacy of your own […]

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National HIV Testing Day: How Much Does HIV Test Cost?

How much does HIV test cost affect you? Today is National HIV Testing Day. This is a day when we focus on spreading awareness about the importance of testing for HIV. However, some people may shy away from this vital health task because they do not have all the facts about HIV test costs. We’re […]

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How Long Do STD Test Results Take From Home?

How long do STD test results take from home? We know that waiting for your test results can be a nerve-wracking experience.  Not knowing about your health can cause nervousness and unease. That’s why myLAB Box aims for its tests to be convenient and accurate.  That’s why the whole process, from the time you click […]

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6 At Home Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Test Options

Order Your At Home STD Test Now An at home gonorrhea and chlamydia test can give you the same results as a clinic or doctor’s office.  In some cases, like extragenital testing, it can even be more thorough than these medical facilities. At myLAB Box, we understand that people have different sexual preferences. After all, […]

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Where to Buy HIV Home Test?

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Where to Buy HIV Home Test? Well, that depends on how and where you are being tested. It is up to you to determine what testing options work best for you. How Much Does It Cost To Get Tested for HIV ? Being tested at a clinic or […]

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Why At Home STD Testing Is the Right Choice For You

There are many reasons to use home STD testing.  Today we’ll discuss some of the many reasons why at home STD testing may be the right choice for you. You Don’t Have Time The traditional STD testing process is not exactly easy and convenient. Not everyone is able to take time off from work to […]

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↵How Long Does It Take to Get STD Results?

Have you ever asked yourself “ How long does it take to get STD results? ” If you care enough about your health to test for sexually transmitted diseases, chances are that you have. Probably while feeling pretty frustrated. We get it. Testing for STDs can be stressful. The time that passes between being tested […]

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