↵How Much Does STD Testing Cost?

How Much Does STD Testing Cost?

Planning your STD testing cost into your budget is an important factor for practical healthcare. So is being able to book that beach vacation you’ve been looking forward to! Finding affordable testing solutions can make both of these things possible for you. myLAB Box’s at home testing solution makes taking control of your health easier […]

↵Taking an At Home STD Test Can Help Your Dating Life

Taking An At Home STD Test Can Help Your Dating Life

Taking an at home STD test may not seem like the recipe for a great dating life. However, knowing your sexual health status, as well as the status of your partner, can lead to comfort, confidence and ease of mind in your relationship. It doesn’t matter if this relationship is a fling or a long-term […]

↵How To Test For Herpes

how to test for herpes

When discussing how to test for herpes, it is important to first know the difference between Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV-1) and Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV-2). Typically, HSV-1 is most known for cold sores near the mouth, since this strain of the virus is categorized for oral infections. HSV-2 is what is commonly referred […]

How to Get Tested for STDs Near Me?

where to get tested for stds near me

Order Your At Home STD Test Now “I Don’t Know Where to Get Tested for STDs Near Me.” Sound familiar? This is one of the most popular Google searches that leads folks to myLAB Box. Well, we have good news, everyone! You’ve come to the right place. Sexually transmitted infections and diseases are spreading in […]

Help! I Can’t Find STD Screening Near Me!

std screening near me

Test At Home For STDs Instead & Save! Is there any STD screening near me? That’s a big question on everyone’s mind these days. If the answer is no, don’t sweat it! myLAB Box has the answer for you. Our service provides convenient home STD testing that you can take at any time and in any […]

What If There Isn’t an STD Testing Clinic Near Me

What To Do If There Isn’t an STD Testing Clinic Near Me

What If There Isn’t an STD Testing Clinic Near Me? Try at home STD testing for fast, lab certified & confidential STD testing in the convenience of your home. Order Your At Home STD Test Now When taking control of their sexual health, many Americans ask themselves: “Is there an STD testing clinic near me?” […]

Don’t Mistake These Chlamydia Symptoms in Women for Other Ailments

Don't Mistake These Chlamydia Symptoms In Women For Other Ailments

Chlamydia symptoms in women can be mild, or they can be obvious and unpleasant. It’s just as common for women to feel no symptoms at all. This is the unfortunate reason the infection is so common. (Learn more about STD symptoms with the myLAB Box guide: https://www.mylabbox.com/resources/std-symptoms-guide/) When there aren’t any symptoms–or when symptoms are […]

↵Mild, Medium and Hot Symptoms of STIs

Mild, Medium and Hot Symptoms of STI

You should think of the symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) as a spectrum. They can be non-existent, or they can be really painful and unpleasant. In fact, some symptoms can be easily confused with other conditions like the cold or flu. Read more about STD symptoms here: https://www.mylabbox.com/resources/std-symptoms-guide/ To illustrate the point, think of […]

Do You Know Where to Get Tested for Chlamydia?

where to get tested for chlamydia

Do you know where to get tested for chlamydia? The answer is closer than you might think. You can test yourself right from the comfort of your own home! What is Chlamydia? We’ve discussed chlamydia a lot on the myLAB Box blog. Along with gonorrhea, chlamydia is one the sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that our […]

↵What is the Clap?

What Is The Clap Doing To Your Body?

What is the clap (also known as gonorrhea) doing to your body? To know when to get tested, you should know the symptoms of one of the most common Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Check out myLAB Box’s full STI symptoms guide here: https://www.mylabbox.com/resources/std-symptoms-guide/   What to look for, from top to bottom That sore throat may […]

↵Why you can’t get a free home STI test

Why you can't get a free home STI test

Like unicorns and Santa Claus, a free home Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) test is, sadly, reserved for the world of fantasy. Here’s why:   Science isn’t free Remember how syphilis used to be a death sentence? Well thanks to science, we can now cure it with a single needle. In addition, we have the incredible […]

↵3 reasons why out of any STD, crabs isn’t that bad

3 reasons why out of any STD, crabs isn't that bad

While nobody wants to get an STD, crabs is pretty low on the list of ones to avoid. It’s technically an STD, but crabs doesn’t nearly measure up to genital herpes or even chlamydia when it comes to consequences. Here are three reasons why crabs really isn’t that bad:   It’s hard to miss As […]