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STD Testing Worcester

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Get Tested for STDs in Worcester, MA

Get Tested for STDs in Worcester, MA

If you’re sexually active, you’re at risk for STDs. Actually, in Worcester, MA alone, 44 HIV cases have been reported. Plus, HIV is not the only risk for sexually active people. Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis are also major causes for alarm. Thus, even if you’re symptom-free and/or are monogamous, it’s still important to take charge of your sexual health through frequent testing. And, fortunately for you, myLAB Box makes that more manageable than ever before. Now, you can test in the comfort of your own home. Just follow the instructions for collecting and sending your sample, send it in, and get your results in days, all without any uncomfortable conversations and with full security.

Options for At-Home STD Testing

With myLAB Box, individuals can check for a wide assortment of different sexually transmitted diseases. The five panel test is the most common option. It’s priced affordably and enables users to quickly and privately test for the most widespread and most concerning STDs. With this test type, you’ll know quickly whether you’ve contracted HIV I or HIV II, Trichomoniasis, Chlamydia, or Gonorrhea. And, nothing beats the comfort and peace of mind of knowing for certain.

Get Tested in a Few Simple Steps

Testing for STDs with myLAB Box is as easy as 1, 2, 3—literally! For step one, simply order the test or tests you need using your tablet, mobile device, or computer. When you have your test, you’ll just need to follow the basic testing directions. You can typically collect the sample you require in as little as five minutes. After that, post your sample back to myLAB Box. You’ll then get your reliable test results in as fast as 1-5 business days. What could be better?

Take Charge of Your Sex Life

Every time you engage in sex, especially unsafe sex, you’re taking a gamble with your health. That’s a frightening thought. But, you can make things a bit less difficult by opting to regularly test yourself and, ideally, your partners for sexually transmitted diseases. With the at-home STD testing packages from myLAB Box, that’s easier than ever before. Take control of your health and your sex life through frequent, trusted testing from myLAB Box. Doing so should ease your anxieties and make your sex life more pleasant and less stressful all around.

Give myLAB Box a Try ASAP!

Ultimately, you deserve to know, for sure, whether or not you have an STD, and your partners and future partners deserve to know also. Give yourself peace of mind and get an answer for once and for all by testing through myLAB Box. The sooner you test, the sooner you can take steps to further protect yourself and others..

Are there any privacy concerns?

Rest assured that your results are completely secure and delivered only to you!

How much does myLAB Box charge?

At-home STD tests are often just as reasonably priced as going to your local doctor’s office. In a lot of instances, you may even spend less by testing with myLAB Box. Prices do vary depending on which test option you purchase and how many sexually transmitted diseases you test for. However, the prices at myLAB Box are very reasonable.

Is at-home testing right for me?

For many STDs, there are various “windows” of time during which an individual could have the STD but may not test positive for it. Thus, talk with your doctor or the myLAB Box support staff to decide when you can safely and reliably check for specific STDs. Also, keep in mind that regular testing is advisable for everyone who is sexually active.

Order Your Kit Now & Test AT Home!