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STD Testing Tuscaloosa

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At-Home STD Tests in Tuscaloosa, AL

At-Home STD Tests in Tuscaloosa, AL

Would you like to be tested for STDs without having to search for a clinic, undergo the embarrassment of testing, and then wait an agonizingly long time for your results? If so, then try at-home STD testing from myLAB Box. Our tests are 100% confidential and delivered right to your house. All you have to do is place your order, follow the directions carefully, and get your results in just one to five days. And, should you have any questions, concerns, or problems along the way, myLAB Box offers a highly-trained and knowledgeable support staff to assist you.

Test for a Wide Range of STDs from the Comfort of Your Home

When you opt to test for sexually transmitted diseases from home through myLAB Box, you’ll be able to check for all major STDs that exist. You can choose to test for just one STD, or you can test for a vast range of STDs via multi-panel tests. Common STDs that people test for through myLAB Box include Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV, and Syphilis. Whether you’re worried about one, two, or all of these STDs, at-home tests can give you security and peace of mind.

How At-Home Testing Works

With myLAB Box, testing is effortless and accurate, and the entire process is conducted by mail. You receive your test kit in the mail, test at home in just a few minutes of your time, and then mail your sample back to myLAB Box. You’ll then get your answers back in as short as 1-5 business days—all without leaving your home, finding a clinic, or having to deal with healthcare professionals one-on-one.

Knowledge is Power!

Not knowing whether or not you have an STD is very risky, both to your own wellbeing and to the health of your sexual partners. While some STDs are mostly benign, aside from the symptoms they cause, others can actually do serious harm to your personal and reproductive health if left undiagnosed. Additionally, there is always the risk of spreading STDs to others. In fact, some STDs can even be spread when condoms are used. Thus, you owe it to yourself and to any recent or future sexual partners you may have to get tested and to find out for certain whether or not you can engage in sex safely.

Test Today!

Not only is at-home STD testing from myLAB Box beneficial in all of the ways mentioned above, but it’s also surprisingly reasonably priced. Just pick a testing option that meets your needs and your budget. And, if you require any further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to the friendly support team at myLAB Box. They’re always willing to help you!.

Is there a long waiting period for results?

Five is the magic number with our test kits. You can test in as little as five minutes and get your results back in five days or fewer!

What Sexually Transmitted Diseases Can I Check For?

myLAB Box provides test kits that can test for up to 14 common sexually transmitted diseases. To learn more about your risk and/or to select the best test kit for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to the friendly professionals at myLAB Box.

Do I really need to be tested?

Testing is vital for all sexually active people. Anyone can contract an STD, including people who are faithful and monogamous. Don’t take risks with your health. Test frequently!

Order Your Kit Now & Test AT Home!