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STD Testing Tacoma

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Tacoma, WA Residents Can Now Test for STDs at Home

Tacoma, WA Residents Can Now Test for STDs at Home

Many people highly prefer to test for STDs in the privacy of their own homes. If this choice sounds like a better choice for you than locating a testing facility and having to undergo official testing only to wait and wait for results, then explore the at-home STD tests available from myLAB Box. And, don’t worry. These are the same tests that professionals and hospitals use! They are high-quality tests made to deliver correct, timely results all without the embarrassment of visiting a clinic or the stress of long waiting times to get your results.

What Kind of At-Home STD Tests are Available?

At-home testing is available for a wide variety of STDs. Test for HIV, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and other STDs all from the security and privacy of your own home. And, don’t worry! Not only are tests from myLAB Box trustworthy, but you’re never on your own as you take them. Should you have any worries about how to administer the test, the accuracy of your results, or what to do after getting a result, myLAB Box has a caring support department that is always available to offer assistance.

Get Tested in a Few Basic Steps

Individuals are often worried that testing at home with myLAB Box will mean a lengthy wait time for their test results. However, generally, testing at home is actually quicker and easier than going to a clinic. Once you’ve ordered your test, all you have to do is follow the easy instructions for taking it and mail in your sample. After your sample is received, you can get answers in as little as 1-5 days. That’s a good turnaround, especially when your sense of security and the protection of your partners depends upon it!

Take Control of Your Sex Life

Not knowing whether or not you have an STD is very treacherous, both to your own health and to the health of your sexual partners. While some STDs are somewhat benign, other than the symptoms they cause, others can actually do serious harm to your personal and reproductive health if left untreated. Furthemore, there is always the risk of spreading STDs to others. In fact, some STDs can even be contracted when condoms are used. Thus, you owe it to yourself and to any recent or future sexual partners you may have to get tested and to find out for sure whether or not you can engage in sex safely.

Try At-Home STD Testing Now

Ultimately, you deserve to know, for sure, whether or not you have an STD, and your partners and future partners deserve to know too. Give yourself security and get an answer for once and for all by testing with myLAB Box. The sooner you test, the sooner you can take steps to further protect yourself and others..

Who knows that I’ve been tested?

When you test with myLAB Box, your insurer is not informed, and nothing is ever marked down on your medical records. Your results are yours alone.

How much does myLAB Box charge?

myLAB Box is very reasonably priced. Plus, it features many testing options to enable everyone to find something that is within their budget.

Is at-home testing right for me?

Anyone who is sexually active is vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases and should test periodically, particularly before engaging in sexual activity with a new partner and before or after engaging in unsafe sexual activity.

Order Your Kit Now & Test AT Home!