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STD Testing Chicago

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At-Home STD Tests is Available in Chicago, IL

At-Home STD Tests is Available in Chicago, IL

Would you like to get tested for STDs without having to search for a doctor, undergo the awkwardness of testing, and then wait an agonizingly long time for your results? If so, then try at-home STD testing from myLAB Box. Our tests are 100% private and delivered right to your house. All you have to do is place your order, follow the instructions carefully, and get your results in just a few days. And, if you have any questions, concerns, or problems in the process, myLAB Box offers a highly-trained and knowledgeable support staff to aid you.

Test for a Wide Assortment of STDs from the Privacy of Your Home

At-home testing is available for a wide variety of STDs. Check for HIV, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and more all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. And, don’t worry! Not only are test kits from myLAB Box reliable, but you’re never alone as you take them. Should you run into any concerns about how to take the test, the validity of your results, or what to do after receiving a result, myLAB Box has a caring support team that is always available to offer advice.

How At-Home Testing Works

Individuals are often concerned that testing at home with myLAB Box will mean a lengthy waiting window for their test results. However, generally, testing at home is actually less time consuming and simpler than going to a clinic. Once you’ve bought your test kit, all you have to do is follow the easy directions for taking it and send in your sample. After your sample is received, you can receive answers in as little as 1-5 days. That’s a great turnaround, particularly when your safety and the protection of your partners depends upon it!

Knowledge is Power!

Every time you engage in sex, particularly unsafe sex, you’re taking a gamble with your health. That’s a frightening thought. Fortunately, you can make things a bit less intense by opting to regularly test yourself and, ideally, your partners for STDs. With the at-home STD testing packages from myLAB Box, that’s simpler than ever before. Take control of your health and your sex life through frequent, trusted testing from myLAB Box. Doing so should ease your anxieties and make your sex life more pleasant and less stressful all around.

Give myLAB Box a Try Today!

When you test with myLAB Box, you never have to be concerned about your security being made available to others. You’ll be the only one who is aware that you tested and the only one who knows the results. If you’ve procrastinated about testing because you didn’t want to visit a clinic and face the awkwardness of seeing someone you know or because you didn’t want your results sent to your insurer, at-home testing is the answer you’ve been searching for. Try it today!

Are the test results confidential?

The fact that you’ve ordered a test and what your results are is fully confidential. No one knows about your order or your results except for you, guaranteed.

Are at-home STD tests costly?

Don’t fret! There’s a testing option to fit every budget at myLAB Box. From affordable single tests to multi-panel test kits that test for a wide variety of STDs at once, myLAB Box has it all at costs average people can afford.

When should I test for STDs?

Testing is smart for all sexually active people. Anyone can catch an STD, including people who are faithful and monogamous. Don’t take a gamble with your health. Test regularly!

Order Your Kit Now & Test AT Home!