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STD Testing Albuquerque

Order Your Kit Now & Test AT Home!

At-Home STD Testing is Available in Albuquerque, NM

At-Home STD Testing is Available in Albuquerque, NM

Are you fearful that you might have an STD? If so, don’t put off getting tested! So many people wait to test, often due to the potential of encountering someone they know at their local clinic or of having their results shared with their insurance provider. Thankfully, myLAB Box has the perfect answer for securing testing without sacrificing your confidentiality: at-home STD testing. Choose from a wide range of STD tests, all with effortless, clear directions for collecting your sample. From there, all you have to do is mail in the sample and then wait a few days for your results. No one else will ever know or be notified that you’ve been tested, but you’ll have the peace of mind of trustworthy results.

What Kind of At-Home STD Tests are Available?

People are often worried that an at-home test couldn’t provide them with an accurate answer to whether or not they have contracted an STD. Know, though, that at-home tests, when ordered from a reputable service, like myLAB Box, are extremely accurate. And, what’s more is that they can test for a very wide assortment of sexually transmitted diseases, including the most widespread ones, such as HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia.

How At-Home Testing Works

At-home STD testing with myLAB Box is easier than you might think! To begin, you pick the test or tests you prefer. myLAB Box enables you to choose from a basic 5 panel test, an 8 panel test, or even a 14 panel test. If you have questions about which test is right for you, which STDs you should test for, or anything further, don’t be afraid to get in touch with the awesome support service at myLAB Box. Once you get your test kit, just follow the instructions for proper testing, send in your sample, and then get answers in days!

Knowledge is Power!

Not being certain whether or not you have an STD is very risky, both to your own health and to the health of your sexual partners. While some STDs are fairly benign, aside from the symptoms they cause, others can actually do severe damage to your personal and reproductive health if left untreated. Additionally, there is always the risk of spreading STDs to others. In fact, some sexually transmitted diseases can even be contracted when condoms are used. Thus, you owe it to yourself and to any current or future sexual partners you may have to get tested and to find out for certain whether or not you can have sex safely.

Test Today!

When you test with myLAB Box, you never have to be concerned about your security being leaked. You’ll be the only one who is aware that you tested and the only one who knows the results. If you’ve delayed testing because you didn’t want to walk into a clinic and face the embarrassment of seeing someone you know or because you didn’t want your results sent to your insurer, at-home testing is the solution you’ve been searching for. Try it today!

Are my results secure?

Testing with myLAB Box is protected under HIPAA privacy laws. This means that your order, your results, and everything else is kept totally secure from start to finish.

How long does testing take?

Once you’ve finished the in-home testing process, which takes just a few minutes of your day, you can expect to get results within one to five days!

Are the tests costly?

Don’t worry! There’s a testing option to match every budget at myLAB Box. From affordable single tests to multi-panel test kits that test for a wide variety of STDs at once, myLAB Box has it all at prices almost everyone can afford.

Order Your Kit Now & Test AT Home!