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Sexy Movies to Warm You Up on Cold Winter Nights

Winter weather is perfect for cozy nights in front of the television–watching movies with a partner, or even alone, is a fun pastime. And, it’s a great way to add a little zest to your sex life. You can choose an erotic film or a movie with a hint of sex to stir up your imaginations.

The same old sex gets boring after a while. Adding a little excitement to your sex life offers more than variety, it creates a stronger connection between you and your lover.  Sexy/erotic movies are a great addition to your bag of sexy goodies, along with a good lubricant, sex toys, condoms and sexy lingerie or role-play costumes.

Here are some sexy movies to inspire and excite:

  • Lady Chatterley’s Lover, the 1981 version with Sylvia Kristel is the sexiest of the remakes.
  • Sex and Lucia, 2001, a foreign language film.
  • Body Heat, with Kathleen Turner and William Hurt, 1981 a suspenseful movie with erotic overtones.
  • Emmanuelle, there are 6 of these movies–soft porn featuring Sylvia Kristel in the earlier ones, 1970s.
  • Shakespeare in Love, 1988, Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes.  A light romance with sexy love scenes.
  • Basic Instinct 1992, a sexy thriller with Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas.
  • Belle de Jour, 1967, the sexy Catherine Deneuve plays a sexually frustrated married woman who takes up prostitution. This is considered a classic film, in French.
  • Intimacy, 2001 stars Kerry Fox. The film won recognition at the Berlin International Film Festival.
  • Room in Rome, 2010, a Spanish ‘erotic comedy romance’ involving two women who meet up while traveling and spend a passionate night together.
  • The Thomas Crowne Affair, 1999 version with Rene Russo and  Pierce Brosnan.

Reviewed by Luis Ferdinand M. Papa, MD, MHA

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