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How Much Does STD Testing Cost?

How much does an STD test cost?

The dollar cost of an STD test will vary based on the test itself and the way you choose to be tested. In most cases, you are able to select either a single test or a combination test panel. A combination panel offers several tests for less than the price of each individual test purchased separately.

myLAB Box

At myLAB Box, all of our single panel tests are $79. This includes chlamydia+gonorrhea, trich, genital herpes, HIV, HPV, mycoplasma genitalium, syphilis and hepatitis C. We also offer extragenital testing for chlamydia+gonorrhea, which includes oral, anal and genital tests for both infections at $179. These kits are best for people who know or suspect they have been exposed to a particular infection.

Our combination kits include the 5 panel Safe Box (chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and HIV (types I and II) for $189, 8 panel Uber Box (Safe Box plus genital herpes, syphilis and hepatitis C) for $269 and the 14 panel Total Box (Uber Box plus mycoplasma genitalium, HPV and three-site extragenital chlamydia and gonorrhea tests) for $369. We also offer a V-Box for women that includes tests for all of the sexually transmitted diseases that may cause abnormal vaginal discharge.

Our combination test kits are designed to be used either as regular preventative screening for the sexually active or as a cost-effective way for people experiencing symptoms to identify the type of infection when symptoms are ambiguous.

STD Clinic

The cost of testing at a clinic will vary with each clinic. Many have fees on a sliding scale based on your income and require proof of gross household income (this includes income of your spouse and legal dependents). These clinics are a great option for low-cost testing and usually have counseling staff available, but also have a reputation for being crowded and underfunded.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood clinics offer STD testing and counseling with different fees at each location. Similar to an STD clinic, these fees are based on a sliding scale by income and will require proof of gross annual income. Planned Parenthood also offers counseling services following positive test results. The average cost to test for the most common STDs at Planned Parenthood is $180. Read more about testing at Planned Parenthood here.

HIV Clinic

HIV clinics are different from a regular medical facility because they are specifically designed to handle HIV. The medical professionals you see will have deep knowledge of the physical, mental and social impacts of HIV infection and take your privacy seriously. They aim not only for testing and treatment but also for HIV education and research to prevent the spread of HIV. There are free HIV clinics around the country, including Out of the Closet Thrift Stores, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) mobile clinics and AHF Wellness Centers.

Medical Facilities

Many public hospitals, university hospitals and doctor’s offices offer STD testing. Most will charge a fee for the visit itself along with a separate lab fee and do not include treatment. The exact cost will depend on the location, but they can easily run over $300. These locations often accept insurance to help with the cost of testing, but using insurance will make your testing information available to your insurance company, their affiliates, the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) and the primary holder on your insurance account. This information will become part of your permanent medical record and can be used to raise your insurance premium in the future. For more information on the impact of insurance use on confidential testing, visit our Insurance Resource page.

Are there free STD clinics?

There are free STD clinics in most urban areas. These can be local health departments, university hospitals, public hospitals and universities. As with all clinics, these free or low cost options often have low funding and tend to be very busy.

How do I find a free STD clinic?

The easiest way to locate free or low-cost clinics is to search online for free STD clinics in your area. Usually, this will bring up several options. It is worth calling each before visiting to learn if testing is actually free or if it’s low cost. For low-cost or income based fees, you will want to find out what you need to bring as proof of income. You may be able to schedule an appointment to reduce the wait time. You can also learn about the treatment and counseling services offered in case of positive test results.