Find answers to general questions about STDs and STIs as well as referrals for counseling and clinical care at:

CDC INFO – 800-232-4636

Available Monday through Friday, 8 am to 8 pm Eastern time. Information specialists provide referrals to STD and HIV counseling, testing, and treatment at nearby clinics throughout the country using your zip code. You can find the same information online at the website

CDC also provides descriptive information on STDs at their website

ASHA – 800-227-8922

ASHA’s free STD Helpline is available on a very limited basis Monday through Friday. A new Person2Person service answers STD questions by phone or chat. You can schedule an appointment online with an experienced STD counselor (charge: $20 for 20 minutes).

ASHA also provides STD information on its website with special sections on HPV and HSV infections. You can also make an appointment for the Person2Person service on this website.


Available Monday through Friday and some weekends depending on local hours. Your call will be directed to a nearby Planned Parenthood Center based on your zip code, and you can make an appointment for STD and HIV counseling and treatment. Planned Parenthood Centers also offer contraceptive and pregnancy services.

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