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At Home Rectal Herpes Test

If you’re a man who has sex with men, or a heterosexual person who’s engaged in anal sex before, or are bisexual and have had anal sex, you should take an anal herpes test.

Having herpes in the anus means you’ve been infected with the Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV-2) in during anal play or anal sex. This type of herpes is also called “HSV proctitis” in the medical community.

A rectal herpes test will tell you if you have infection. If you test positive, know that there isn’t a cure for herpes but you can get medications to help treat this STD.

Here’s everything you need to know anal herpes, symptoms that indicate you have it, and why you need to order an anal herpes test now.

How Can You Get Rectal Herpes?

Anyone who’s had anal sex with a man should take an anal herpes test. If you’ve had unprotected anal sex with someone who has HSV-2 or HSV-1, you could be infected with this common STD.

One out of every six people ages 14 to 49 has genital herpes so your chances of contracting this aren’t as slim as you might hope.

Someone with oral herpes who gave oral sex to your anus could have infected you as well. You might not have known if your partner had herpes. When there isn’t an outbreak going on, it’s hard to tell.

If you’ve engaged in any form of anal sex, give yourself peace of mind by taking an anal herpes test.

Make sure you or your partner wear a condom correctly every time you have sex to minimize chances of contracting this STD. Remember, once infected, herpes stays around forever.

You should have an anal herpes test done every few months since symptoms or results might not show up right away after you’ve been infected.

You won’t get herpes from toilet seats, swimming pools, bedding, or from touching objects around you such as silverware, soap, or towels. Bodily fluids need to be involved with both parties.

Having herpes puts you at a higher risk of getting HIV so there’s one more reason to be extra careful during sex.

Symptoms of Rectal Herpes

If you’ve had anal sex, take an anal herpes test. In some cases, this type of herpes has been mistaken for inflammatory bowel disease and until an anal herpes test was given, those infected didn’t know they had rectal herpes.

Rectal herpes symptoms men and women:
  •    Ulcers or sores on or near your anus
  •    Scabs that cover ulcers that have ruptured or bled
  •    Bloody stools
  •    Bloody discharge from the rectum
  •    Diarrhea
  •    Pain in the rectum
  •    White blisters
  •    Red bumps
  •    Rashes on your legs, neck, upper body, or trunk
Anal Herpes Test Options

Some people might get tested for anal herpes by through their health-care provider, but getting an appointment might take a long time. Think of all the sleepless nights before your results come in!

Skip the embarrassment of having a stranger swab your rectum area when you order myLAB Box’s 14-panel test that covers HSV-2, HSV-1, gonorrhea and chlamydia to name a few.  Our comprehensive test screens for all sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infections with just one set of samples.

You’ll get lab-certified results in 2 to 5 days. If you test positive, myLAB Box will connect you to local physicians free of charge.

What Happens If I Test Positive for Anal Herpes?

If your anal herpes test comes back positive, myLAB Box provides professional resources for you to talk to once you get your results.

Your doctor can’t cure herpes, but your healthcare practitioner can give you medications that help control outbreaks and relieve painful symptoms associated with anal herpes.

You’re not alone. Millions of people suffer from genital herpes and researchers are working to find a cure.

Let your partner know that you have herpes so they can take an anal herpes test. You both should talk to a doctor how to make sure you don’t infect them with herpes, as well as how to have sex safely during an outbreak.

Order an anal herpes test and screen for this STD from the comfort of home. You’ll get lab-certified results in just a few days. Order online and test at home with myLAB Box to save time, money, and the embarrassment of having test your genitals for herpes.

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