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At Home Chlamydia Test & Gonorrhea Test

myLAB Box At-Home Chlamydia Test & Gonorrhea Test
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Tests for 2 of the 4 most common new STIs

  • Lab results in 2–5 days
  • Free physician consultation for positives
  • 100% pain-free
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At Home Chlamydia Test & Gonorrhea Test

About the At Home Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Test

Screen for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea from the comfort of your home with the myLAB Box at home test for chlamydia and gonorrhea.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. No awkward conversations, no hassle.

This test can be done in 5 minutes or less. Use the kit instructions to collect your bio sample. Mail it to the lab using the pre-addressed stamped envelope (postage paid). Receive secure electronic results back in a matter of days. It’s that easy!

Included: 1 combo mail-in kit for Chlamydia test + Gonorrhea test

How Does an At Home Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Test Work?

It’s never been easier to test for chlamydia and gonorrhea at home. Here’s how it works:

  1. Order the at-home chlamydia and gonorrhea test from the myLAB Box website. Shipping is free and the test will be sent in discreet packaging, so no one will know that you’ve ordered an STD test.
  2. The kit will contain everything you will need to perform the test. Follow the simple instructions to collect your sample—it only takes a few minutes.
  3. Use the prepaid packaging provided in your kit to ship your sample back to the lab for testing.
  4. Wait for your results. It will take between two to five days to receive your results, which will be sent to you via email. Click on the link in your email to access your results in a secure online portal.
  5. If you test positive for chlamydia and/or gonorrhea, schedule a free phone consultation with a healthcare provider. During this consultation, the healthcare provider will review your results, address your concerns, answer your questions, and discuss what steps you need to take next to protect your sexual health.

That’s all it takes to test for chlamydia and gonorrhea from the comfort of your own home!

Why Should You Take an At Home Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Test?

Chlamydia is the 2nd and Gonorrhea the 4th most common new sexually transmitted infection in U.S. Both are curable when detected early, which is why screening for these STDs is so important.

A self-administered screening isn’t a replacement for your doctor’s advice, but you can still get answers from the comfort of your home with our test kit.

Using an at-home Chlamydia or at-home Gonorrhea test kit will help you determine what is causing your symptoms in no time at all. Not only can you get ahead of your treatment plan, but you can also gain some peace of mind in the process.

Even if you aren’t experiencing Chlamydia or Gonorrhea symptoms, you could still be at risk. Testing yourself as soon as you suspect that you may have an STD of any kind could prevent a wide range of problems later on.

Getting tested at your doctor’s office could be pricey, and our at-home tests are both easy and affordable. Testing at a doctor’s office is also inconvenient since you will have to make time to go to the appointment. Most importantly, self-administered test kits put YOU in control of the decisions that greatly affect your health.

If you think you may have Chlamydia or Gonorrhea, our easy-to-use at home test kits can help you address your symptoms as soon as possible.

Who should get tested for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advise every sexually active adult to get tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea at least once a year. But if you engage in high-risk activities, such as having unprotected sex, it’s best to get tested more frequently.

You should also get tested for chlamydia or gonorrhea if you are exhibiting symptoms of either STD or believe you may have been exposed to either STD.

When should you get tested for Chlamydia or Gonorrhea?

If you believe you have been exposed to chlamydia or gonorrhea—or if you have had unprotected sex—it’s important to know when to get tested for these STDs.

Both chlamydia and gonorrhea will not be detectable in your system immediately after exposure. It can take up to two weeks for gonorrhea to be detectable and up to three weeks for chlamydia to be detectable. For this reason, it’s best to wait at least three weeks after your initial exposure to get tested.

If you take a test within the first three weeks, it may be too early to detect either STD, which means your results may not be accurate. If you test negative within this timeframe, it’s best to get retested after the three week period is over to confirm your results.

How to use this test

All myLAB Box tests come with instructions in the box. In addition, we provide video and PDF instructions for the sample collection methods used in our tests.

Urine sample collection

View PDF instructions

Even if you aren’t experiencing symptoms, you could still be at risk

Doctor with stethoscope

Fully Lab-certified

myLAB Box works only with the best laboratories and health experts to ensure your tests results meet nationwide standards and are as accurate as tests done in a clinic or a doctor’s office.

The laboratories we work with are certified CAP and CLIA high complexity testing organizations at the forefront of diagnostic testing. HIPAA web security protocols protect your data.

  • Pay with FSA / HSA cards
  • CDC Listed
  • Labs CAP & CLIA Certified

About Chlamydia

Chlamydia is a common STD that can affect both men and women. This STD is caused by an infection from Chlamydia trachomatis bacterium. It is spread through vaginal, anal, or oral sex.

Most people who have chlamydia don’t know it since the infection often has no symptoms (as often as 70% of the time or more).

  • Chlamydia is the most commonly reported STD in the United States.
  • Sexually active women under 25 years of age should test every year.
  • Easy to cure, chlamydia can cause life-long complications if left untreated.

For more information about Chlamydia, visit the CDC website.

What are common symptoms of Chlamydia?

Between 70 to 80% of chlamydia cases are asymptomatic, which means you may have chlamydia even if you are not exhibiting any symptoms. But some of the most common symptoms that may appear include:

  • discharge from the penis or vagina
  • burning feeling during urination
  • frequent urination
  • in women, abdominal and/or pelvic pain, pain during sexual intercourse
  • in men, testicular pain, tenderness and swelling
  • rectal pain, discharge and/or bleeding
  • painful periods or bleeding between periods
  • fever
  • itching or burning around the vagina

Chlamydia can affect the genitals, rectum, mouth, or eyes. If you notice symptoms affecting any of these areas, it’s in your best interest to get tested.

About Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is a common sexually transmitted disease (STD) that can infect both men and women. It can cause infections in the genital area, rectum, and throat. Like chlamydia, it is especially common among teens and young adults, but can infect individuals at any age. Many men and more than half of women have no symptoms when infected.

You can contract gonorrhea by having oral, anal, or vaginal sex with someone who is infected. Pregnant women with gonorrhea may pass this STD to their baby during childbirth.

For more information about Gonorrhea, visit the CDC website.

What are common symptoms of Gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is typically asymptomatic, which is why you should get tested even if you are not experiencing any symptoms of this STD. But some of the most common symptoms of gonorrhea that may appear include:

  •  Itching
  • swelling or redness of the genitals
  • frequent urination
  • abnormal discharge
  • abdominal/pelvic pain
  • pain during intercourse
  • heavier periods or discharge between periods

Many women who contract gonorrhea mistake their symptoms for a urinary tract infection. If you are exhibiting any of these symptoms, make sure you get tested instead of assuming it’s not an STD.

What happens if Gonorrhea or Chlamydia is left untreated?

Both Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are common and treatable, but they can cause drastic issues if ignored for too long. If left untreated, both diseases can cause complications such as:

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Infertility
  • Chronic pain
  • Life-threatening pregnancy
  • Vaginal, rectal and/or oral infections

Having gonorrhea can also put you at a greater risk of contracting HIV. If you can’t get to a doctor’s office immediately, using an at-home test kit is an ideal short-term solution.

What Should you Do If You Test Positive For Chlamydia or Gonorrhea?

If you test positive, it’s important to contact your doctor as soon as possible to discuss treatment. Both gonorrhea and chlamydia can be treated with prescription antibiotics. Be sure to take the full course of antibiotics and follow all other instructions provided by your doctor. It’s in your best interest to test for gonorrhea and chlamydia again once you have completed treatment to ensure you are no longer positive.

You will also need to contact your sexual partners to tell them you have tested positive for chlamydia or gonorrhea. This may be an uncomfortable conversation, but it’s important to have it as quickly as possible. Encourage your partner(s) to get tested right away.

Fast, Easy & Private

Woman using her laptop

Step 1

Order online on your mobile, tablet or PC

Contents of myLAB Box test kit

Step 2

Collect & mail in your sample in 5 minutes

Man looking at his laptop screen

Step 3

Get lab-certified results online in 1-5 days

About myLAB Box

The only at-home testing service offering diagnostic results and treatment consultations via telemedicine. Test from home and pick up your prescription at your local pharmacy. Use your FSA/HSA accounts before your credit runs out.

myLAB Box offers at home collection tests with mailing to the laboratory. The performance of these tests on your samples complies with all state and federal regulations regarding laboratory testing.


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myLAB Box offers individuals with laboratory services for wellness monitoring. All tests are validated by myLAB Box clinical laboratory affiliates. Results are comparable to samples collected in a physician’s office or clinical laboratory. Tests used in myLAB Box kits have been developed and performance characteristics determined by myLAB Box clinical laboratory affiliates. These tests are used for clinical purposes only. They should not be regarded as investigational or for research. myLAB Box clinical laboratory affiliates are regulated under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) of 1988 as qualified to perform high complexity clinical testing and follow the guidelines of the College of American Pathologists (CAP). The tests, and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease. All information given as to the use of the tests is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for a physician’s consultation. In the event you test positive and have a telemedicine consultation with your ordering physician (licensed in your state) or his/her designate, all additional health care instructions, ongoing care, and possible need for prescriptions if not provided will be your responsibility to obtain from your own healthcare provider. Copies of your test results will be made available for you to share with your healthcare provider. If you do not have a health care provider, you can search for one on the internet, get recommendations from family or friends, call your local county medical society or local hospital physician referral service, or seek care from a local urgent care facility.

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