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What is STD Testing?

What is STD Testing?

Every individual who is sexually active should regularly get tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Since most of the country is on ‘shelter in place’ orders and everyone is practicing social distancing, you might be nervous about heading to your doctor’s office or clinic to take a test. If you’re not experiencing symptoms and just want to know your disease status for peace of mind, there are more convenient options: at-home tests. What is STD testing at home like and why should you get tested?

An STD test screens for a specific type (or types) of diseases that can be transmitted via sexual intercourse or contact. The most common STDs include herpes, HPV, HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia. However, certain types of Hepatitis can also be considered a sexually transmitted disease.

Knowing your disease status allows you to be proactive about your health and the health of others. If you test positive for a specific STD, your doctor can advise you on the best treatments and/or cures. Thankfully, many common STDs can be cured, but others may require lifelong maintenance (like HIV and HPV).

How do I Find STD Testing Near Me?

There could be several options for getting tested near your home. If you’re due for an annual physical, you could request to be screened for all the common STDs at your appointment. You should check your insurance plan, though, so you understand any financial responsibility. If you’re unsure, call your insurance provider to find out what’s in-network and to better understand your financial responsibility.

An easier option—and one that doesn’t involve insurance billing—is to purchase an at-home STD test. You can choose tests that screen for a particular disease or opt for a comprehensive test that screens for almost all the common STDs. You can expect to receive results fairly quickly, too—typically, 5 to 8 days.

What are Signs of STDs?

You may be Googling signs of STDs. Unfortunately, some STDs may have similar symptoms. Your health is important, and if you know that you’ve been exposed to any type of STD, you need to get tested. Not just for peace of mind but to ensure that you can get the proper treatment sooner rather than later (if you test positive). 

Symptoms could point to another illness, but only a doctor can diagnose a condition with certainty. When you’re experiencing any physical issues, make an appointment. Fever, chills or other serious symptoms require immediate attention.

Should you just take an at-home test if you’re symptomatic? Many STDs do not are symptom-free, but it does not mean that you or your partner are not infected. Moreover, as many as 80% carrying an STI may not show symptoms. So it is better to take an at-home test to check your disease status, whether or not you’re experiencing any physical symptoms.

Where to Get Tested for STDs if You’re Not Experiencing Symptoms

When you want to get tested for your own peace of mind, and you’re not experiencing any physical symptoms of infection, you can take an at-home test. This is a convenient and private way to check for common STDs.

Most of our tests involve either a swab or a tiny prick of blood. You can mail your sample to our lab in discreet packaging. Results will be available in about a week. And, if you test positive, a medical professional will go over your results.

How to Get Tested for STDs if You’re Transitioning

Individuals who are transitioning are perfect candidates for taking an at-home STD test due to privacy issues. With these STD home kits, you do not have to fear discrimination since you can do the test at the comfort of your home.

While certain STD test kits may be labeled male or female, if you’re transitioning, you can select the male test. This test works for everyone!

Most important of all, if your sexual behavior and patterns put you at risk, it is a wise decision to get tested. If you have had multiple partners, condomless sex, or other risky behavior it is best to get tested every three months, even if you are symptom-free.

What is STD Testing?

STD Screening for Couples

When entering into a serious and monogamous relationship, many couples opt to take STD tests to ensure open communication and understand any risks for infection. If either of you is experiencing any physical symptoms (or have knowingly been exposed to an STD), or just want to have peace of mind, you may want to take an at-home test for privacy…or convenience.

Comprehensive tests are available for couples who wish to be proactive about communicating their disease status. Our Love Box is the perfect choice for couples who wish to screen for all the most common STDs.

What Does an STD Test Kit Include?

Increasingly more individuals are preferring to take STD tests at the comfort of their homes. Typically, at-home STD kits include a swab to test mucus or saliva. Certain tests might require a drop of blood sample; this is done with a simple finger prick and is typically fairly painless. Others may require a small urine sample. 

In all cases, your kit also will include appropriate collection kits and a box to mail your samples. Don’t worry; the box is discreet! Again, you’ll receive results in about a week.

Can You Take an At-Home Herpes Test or Test Just for One Disease?

If your partner (or previous partner) has notified you that they have tested positive for a specific STD or you know you’ve been exposed to an STD, get tested! Yes, you can opt for an at-home test that screens for one specific STD like herpes

However, if you haven’t screened for other STDs in a while (or at all!), opt for a comprehensive test. If you’re experiencing physical symptoms, scared, or concerned about herpes or other STIs, take your STD test in the comfort of your home or reach out to your doctor.

Orders for Online STD Testing

You don’t need a doctor’s order to purchase an at-home STD test online. These tests are available to anyone. Choose from a test that screens for all the common STDs or a specific disease.

Everyone who is sexually active should get tested for STDs. Knowing your disease status allows you to be proactive about your health and protect the health of your partners, too.

Taking an at-home STD test is an easy (and private!) option to learn your disease status. These tests are simple, painless and convenient. Don’t delay your decision anymore, order your at home std test now with myLAB Box!

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