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Looking to get tested? At Home Male Fertility Test

How Is Sperm Count Measured?  

Learn about how sperm count is measured

How is Sperm Count Measured with at Home Tests?  

This test helps men to conveniently and routinely test this important aspect of their general health. For couples trying to conceive, it can be an invaluable tool. With a home screening test, you will see where you stand and can learn how best to take control of your fertility.

Screening your semen is fast and easy with the Male Fertility Home Test. After you’ve collected your sample, load it onto the testing strip. The Trak Engine will spin for about six minutes. Once this process completes, you can check your results. Think of it as a slightly more complicated pregnancy test! All in all, the whole process should take approximately 45 minutes from start to finish.

Our sperm count test uses the Trak Male Fertility Testing System. This FDA-cleared diagnostic system is as effective as a standard laboratory test. In fact, the Trak system was specifically developed to provide the most precise sperm count measurement available.

Worried About a Low Sperm Count?

When it comes to male fertility, a lot of men just don’t want to talk about the subject. To these folks, a low sperm count is something shameful. It can make them feel less masculine. Now, obviously, this isn’t actually true. In fact, a lot of men across the globe are discovering that they have a low sperm count.

As it turns out, a study published by the Human Reproduction Update medical journal shows that sperm counts are dipping for men in most developed countries. It found that sperm counts and concentration have declined year after year. Believe it or not, for men in Western countries, it’s been dropping by more than 50 percent. For this reason, having your semen checked for low sperm count is more important than ever.

Is There a Home Test for Male Fertility?

You can always go to a doctor or a fertility clinic to measure your sperm count, but there’s actually a much easier way. You can test your sperm count from the comfort of home using an at-home test. It’s true: the myLAB Box Male Fertility Home Test can help you examine your semen without a potentially uncomfortable trip to a clinic. You can order it directly from myLAB Box’s website, or pick one up from retailers like CVS, Walmart and Walgreens.

Understand Your Results

So now that you’re done… what do those results mean? Well, let’s take a look at your potential answers and what they mean:

  • Optimal – Sperm concentration was above 55 million sperm per milliliter of semen
  • Moderate – Sperm concentration was between 55M/mL and 15M/mL
  • Low –  Sperm concentration was below 15M/mL

 The Optimal, Moderate and Low labels should paint a pretty clear picture. The fact is, men who have higher sperm concentrations tend to have an easier time conceiving.

 An optimal sperm count means that you’ll have enough quality sperm to overcome any potential abnormalities in other sperm parameters. This can include poor sperm motility, meaning that they won’t be able to survive the long trip between the vagina and the egg. Another potential abnormality is morphology. This refers to the shape of your sperm. Ideally, you’ll want your sperm to have a rounded head and a long, powerful tail.

Basically, men with a low sperm concentration are unfortunately at a high risk for infertility. On the positive side, these men do have control over several things that shape how healthy their sperm is. Here’s what you can do to make those sperm work for you, both now and later.

Test Your Sperm Count and Test Again!

 Of course, this test isn’t always a one-and-done affair. After all, your sperm count can change over time. Lifestyle changes can also help to improve a low sperm count. Here are a few tips for healthier sperm:

  • Don’t smoke, use illicit drugs or consume alcohol.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Wear boxers instead of briefs. A warm, constricted scrotum can have difficulty producing sperm. Keeping your scrotum cool can work wonders.

To help you take total control over your health, each home testing kit comes with four tests. To get the most accurate benchmark results, we recommend testing twice to establish a baseline for measuring progress. After that, the other tests should be used monthly outside of your partner’s fertile window.

Now that you know how your sperm count is measured, you are ready to start testing from the comfort of home. Above all, if you’re not happy with your results, please contact a medical professional or fertility clinic. Get started today!

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