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Best At Home STD Test Options Compared

Best At Home STD Test

When it comes to testing for STD’s going to the doctor can feel a little overwhelming. To avoid this, most consumers are turning to home testing kits, instead. However, the biggest question is which test kit is best? There are dozens of options online and it can easily get confusing quickly when considering your options. Luckily, with myLAB Box, we offer easy, no-hassle products along with professional support when it comes to deciding which test is best for you. myLAB Box tests are considered the best not only because they save you a trip to the doctor’s office, but because of its confidentiality, discreetness, affordability, and accuracy. Our tests are lab-certified and 99.9% accurate across the board.

On top of the results, myLAB Box offers a free doctor consultation that will lead you in the direction of recovery and treatment. We’ve compiled a list of our best test options below to get you started when choosing your test.

The Best Test Options for Home STD Kits

  • At Home Tests for WomenAt myLAB Box, we have specialized tests for women that cover any and all STDs or STIs that you may catch. We have options for group kits, as well as individual tests designed to ensure accurate and safe results.
  • At Home Tests for Men – We have similar packages designed for men targeting the most common, and most unrecognized infections that affect men of all ages and races. Test with confidence.
  • HIV/AIDS– We know how scary testing for HIV/AIDS can be, that’s why our two part antibody test is 99.9% accurate and effective. Get the information you need to stay aware and healthy at a time that going to the doctor may not be the most convenient thing for you to do.
  • Syphilis– Syphilis is a tricky STI that moves in four separate stages. Our test can detect it within a week of exposure. Through antibody testing, we can provide the information you need to avoid permanent damage to your body.
  • HPV– HPV is extremely common and now recognized as one of the causes for cervical cancer. Our test is designed for women over 30 and can save you a trip to the gynecologist. We know the risks of HPV and we’ll give you the results you need to stay confident.
  • Mycloplasma Genitalium – myLAB Box is the first to offer an at-home test kit for mycloplasma gentitalium. It is often asymptomatic and is now recognized as a growing concern among its class of STD. The test utilizes amplification of target DNA by polymerase chain reaction and nucleic acid hybridization and is 99.9% accurate. Avoid the doctor and contact us today.
  • Genital Herpes– The appearance of genital warts or mouth sores is unpleasant and concerning. Since genital herpes can be passed without any symptoms, it’s important to know your status and stay aware. Our tests are extremely accurate and just as private.
  • Chlamydia + Gonorrhea – Also known as the most commonly diagnosed STD in America, chlamydia comes with a range of systems that can cause it to be both contagious and painful. Our discreet test takes only five minutes and uses bio samples with easy-to-read instructions. Since the infection rarely shows symptoms in men or women, many people walk around without any knowledge. This leads to a damaged body and infected partners, myLAB Box will prevent that with our trusted, at home testing. Our test also covers gonorrhea, another very concerning and common STD. Many of the symptoms are similar to chlamydia, it is good to test for both at once.
  • TrichomoniasisTrich is one of the most curable, yet under-diagnosed STD’s in America. Over 70% of its carriers never develop symptoms. Even though it affects more women than men, both can be carriers. Our test takes a vaginal or penis sample which allows our group of experts to avoid false positives or negatives while providing you the confidence you need to stay aware of your health. As the 3rd most common STD, Trich is no joke.
  • Hepatitis C – Even though Hepatitis C is preventable by vaccine, if you failed to ever receive that vaccine, you are at a much higher risk of getting it. Hep C affects the liver and is a very serious health concern. Order one of our tests in the mail and avoid the doctor appointment.
  • Yeast – If you are a woman and are concerned about the color of discharge, or smell of fluids in the vagina, get a yeast test and take care of the concern by yourself. We use advanced DNA technology to give you accurate results that you can depend on without going to a healthcare professional.

Hopefully, by now, we all know that STD tests should be part of our regular health routine. After all, one in three people have a sexually transmitted disease or infection. So why make this process more difficult than it needs to be? Sitting in a waiting room, having awkward conversations about your sex life, and paying for pricey tests should not be included in your “best life” scenario. But STD testing should be. The solution? STD tests that you can take at home! Get peace of mind without ever stepping foot in a doctor’s office. That sounds like a win-win to us!

Here’s How At Home STD Testing Works:

  • Order your testing kit (You even get free shipping!)
  • Collect a sample using the easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Send the sample off for testing. (More free shipping!)
  • Receive your lab-certified results online in just days.

Simple, right?

myLAB Box knows that everyone is different. People have different lifestyles, sexual preferences and everyday lives.  For this reason, we offer a variety of the best at-home STD tests as well. You just need to choose the one that best fits your specific needs.

Individual Infection STD Tests

These test kits allow you to test for individual

  • Chlamydia
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Genital herpes (HSV-2)
  • Gonorrhea
  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV (II & II)
  • HPV (for women who are 30 years-of-age and older)
  • Mycoplasma Genitalium
  • Syphilis

Combination Panel Test Kits

These test kits allow you to test for multiple infections with a single sample set.

  • Extragenital Testing: This three-site test allows you to screen for chlamydia and gonorrhea not only in the genital region but also in the mouth and rectum.
  • Safe Box: This 5-panel test kit tests for HIV (I & II), Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Trichomoniasis.
  • Uber Box: an 8-panel test kit that screens for HIV (I & II), HSV-2, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Trichomoniasis.
  • Love Box: the Uber Box x2! This kit includes two Uber Box kits so partners can test together.
  • V-Box for Women’s Health tests for common causes of abnormal vaginal discharge, including yeast/candida, bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia, gonorrhea and trichomoniasis.
  • Total Box: This comprehensive testing options screen for the 14 most common infections in the United States: HIV (I & II), Hepatitis C, HSV-2, Syphilis, Chlamydia (genital, throat and rectal), Gonorrhea (genital, throat and rectal), Trichomoniasis and Mycoplasma Genitalium. Women who are 30 years of age and older can add the option to test for HPV as well.

No matter your lifestyle, there are at-home STD tests that fit your needs.  Put your excuses aside, take control of your health, and live your best life. Don’t stress, just test!


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