How much do STD Tests cost?

How Much Do STD Tests Cost?

One of the most frequently asked questions about STD testing, after “Where can I get tested?” is “How much for an STD test?” Cost is an issue, as we know that testing can be expensive, however, it’s important to look at the pros and cons of the various STD testing options to make the decision that is right for you.

First and foremost, you want to make sure that the testing service you choose is reliable and accurate. If a testing service or product does not advertise validated accuracy results, it would be our recommendation to look further.

How Much Do STD Tests Cost?

The next question is “What you need to test for?”  A wide range of tests and various combinations are currently available in clinics and some online. You can request a specific test for HIV or chlamydia, or you get a full battery of tests for one cost—typically less expensive than paying for all the individual tests.

You should also consider, how tests are done for your comfort and convenience. Some STDs are tested with blood samples, whereas others may require fluid specimens (vaginal, seminal or urine depending on the specific STD).

Last but not least, the kind of testing you need may depend on how frequently you get tested or a specific concern about exposure to a STD.

Here is a handy guide we have put together with pros and cons of all testing options available on the market today to help you make the right decision for you:

Options for STD Testing

Medical facilities

Doctors’ offices, hospitals and freestanding urgent care medical clinics all offer STD testing. This is the more expensive option of all the various possibilities listed below.


  • A healthcare professional is available to help you understand results and talk about next steps if you test positive for an STD.
  • A healthcare professional can help answer questions about what tests are best for you.
  • Insurance can cover part or all of the testing cost.
  • The Affordable Care Act covers the cost of some STD screening but not necessarily in some of the other options below.


  • Testing results show up on your permanent health record.
  • Wait time for an appointment can be long.
  • In addition to paying for lab tests, you also pay the doctor’s fees.
  • If you use your health insurance, your records become available to them and any of their affiliate insurance providers which may impact future insurance costs.
  • You may need to schedule an appointment months in advance.
  • You have to go into a physical location to get tested.
  • Results are rarely available online and may take 2+ weeks to process.
  • If tested positive additional copay cost will be needed to get a prescription.

STD/STI Testing Centers

Depending on your community, a search for local STD testing centers will show various medical facilities, free clinics, and health departments providing STD testing.


  • There are resources, which include counseling, for people who test positive for a sexually transmitted disease, or infection.
  • Many health departments offer STD clinics with free services.


  • Free clinics and centers that base fees on a sliding scale (or offer free testing) will want written proof of your income.
  • Some STI testing facilities will not test you for free unless you are experiencing symptoms and as many as 80% of infections are asymptomatic.
  • You need to take time of your day to go into a physical location to get tested.
  • Results are rarely available online and may take 2+ weeks to process.
  • If tested positive an additional copay cost may be needed to get a prescription

Planned Parenthood

Costs range from $130 for gonorrhea/chlamydia test to a $180 for a combination test for five STDs (Texas). Prices are on a sliding scale with proof of income. Prices will vary from state to state.


  • If paying out of pocket, no information will go on your permanent health record.  You can use insurance at most Planned Parenthood centers.
  • Teens, under age 18, get a 25% discount in many Planned Parenthood centers—check to confirm for your state.
  • Planned Parenthood is a sex-friendly, positive organization.
  • Offers some free treatment options if positive.


  • Wait time for an appointment can be long.
  • Will not test you for free unless you are experiencing symptoms and as many as 80% of infections are asymptomatic.
  • You need to take time of your day to go into a physical location to get tested.
  • Results are not available online and may take 2+ weeks to process.

Rapid Testing Kits:


  • Private and often anonymous.
  • You can test in the safety of your own home and receive results without having to go into a facility.


  • Consumers do not have many options to choose from.
    • Of the limited selection, many do not use reliable FDA-approved test kits or reputable labs. This means accuracy is not validated or guaranteed.
  • If you need emotional support or counseling you can’t be assured that the testing kit company is equipped to handle that.
  • Some online sites only give pricing information after you fill out their forms and share identifying information about yourself.
  • Not available in most states.

Benefits of myLAB Box At-home Testing

  • At myLAB Box, all of the results we provide are lab-certified and just as accurate as testing in a clinic or a doctor’s office.
  • myLAB Box is a fully integrated service from testing to treatment. We offer free consultations with certified STD counselors and physicians for anyone who tests positive using our service. This dramatically improves access to treatment options and aims to curb costs and infections much faster than conventional methods.
  • You can choose from a variety of test kit combinations, tailored to your lifestyle and needs starting at just $73.
  • myLAB Box is the first service to also offer extragenital testing (screening for oral and rectal infections) which is particularly important for the LGBT population and anyone engaging in oral or anal sex. As many as 20% of those infections will not be detected with conventional tests.
  • The service is priced to be affordable without the use of insurance so we can keep your private data private.
  • myLAB Box lets you get tested for STDs anytime and anywhere.
  • You’ll never have to wonder about when was the last time you tested – we will remind you!
  • You can see your results online within 2-5 days of mailing in your sample.

Bottom line—you have plenty of choices depending on where you live, your finances, and need for anonymity. Here at myLAB Box, our hassle-free service screens for prevalent STIs such as HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Trichomoniasis, with the same accuracy as clinic or doctor’s office test results.  Our belief is that ‘safe is sexy’ and we want to help you stay that way.

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