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How Oral Sex Can Lead to Chlamydia in Throat

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You’ve heard of having a frog in your throat, but how about “ chlamydia in throat ”? It’s more likely than you may think, especially if you engage in oral sex!

Certain sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can affect a person outside of the genital area. Sadly, chlamydia is definitely on this list! Chlamydia in throat can be easy to cure, but difficult to detect.

Today, we’ll tell you everything you need to know!

How Do You Catch “ Chlamydia in Throat ”?

As we mentioned, when it comes to chlamydia in the throat, the leading cause tends to be oral sex. Of course, oral sex is still sex. This pleasurable act can still leave you and your partner exposed to infection. Granted, there is typically less risk involved versus “traditional” intercourse. However, it cannot help you to completely avoid oral STIs.

Going down on an infected partner can transfer the chlamydia directly to your mouth and throat area. Even during oral sex, it always pays to take precautions, such as using condoms and dental dams. Practicing safe sex is always a smart idea.

Chlamydia in Throat Symptoms

How do you know if you are infected? Oral chlamydia can actually be pretty tricky to detect. You see, the oral symptoms of chlamydia can often be as mild as a sore throat. Other signs can be equally tough to pin down, such as a slight fever or some swollen lymph nodes. In many cases, you may not experience any detectable symptoms at all.

Even if you visit a doctor, a case of chlamydia throat will often be mistaken for a regular sore throat. If your physician isn’t specifically searching for oral chlamydia, you’re out of luck! Fortunately, there’s a solution.

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Extragenital Testing to the Rescue

Any unsuspecting carrier can easily pass oral chlamydia to a partner. Chlamydia is easy to treat once diagnosed. Of course, the only way to know if you are infected with oral chlamydia is to get tested. Specifically, you must be tested for chlamydia outside of your genital area. That’s where extragenital testing comes in!

At myLAB Box, we offer extragenital testing to specifically cover infections of chlamydia that affect the mouth, throat and rectal regions. If you’ve been performing oral sex, routine extragenital testing is the best plan for maintaining total control of your sexual health. A traditional genital-only test would miss these specific infection signs.

Depending on your lifestyle and sexual activity, extragenital testing is a powerful new weapon in the fight against STIs. The sooner you know your status, the sooner you can stop the spread of the infection. After a few quick steps, you’ll see that ” chlamydia in throat ” really isn’t that scary at all.

Reviewed by Luis Ferdinand M. Papa, MD, MHA


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