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Need an At-Home Test? Trust the Best.

The no pain, no hassle, no co-pay way to test.

  • 10x faster
  • 100% as accurate
  • 1/2 the cost

At Home Test Kits Explained

It’s simple – myLAB Box is your lab in a box. Our experts have designed an extensive series of at home testing solutions and programs that makes screening for common conditions and infections easy, convenient and private. Skip the lab visit and take control of your health with a click from the comfort of home. Our tests are a fraction of the cost of conventional lab testing and have no hidden fees or co-pays. Best of all, if you ever test positive, a physician consultation and treatment is available for some conditions. Telemedicine consultations are free and just a call away. Test whenever and wherever – you are in charge. And, of course, shipping and results are discreet!

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Lab-certified Results

myLAB Box works only with the best high-complexity CLIA and CAP certified laboratories in the US ensuring your results are just as reliable as those done in the lab or clinic. We are the first company to offer at-home testing to treatment in all 50 states. When it comes to your health, trust matters. Test with the best!

No Co-Pays Like EVER

Getting tested and treated for common conditions doesn’t have to take weeks and it doesn’t have to eat up your whole paycheck. Test worry free and know we will never send you a follow-up bill or slap any extra fees on top.

Fully. Transparent. Pricing. Need we say more?

Easy and Pain-Free

Our test kits use the same quality components seen in the best laboratories in the US and beyond. They are specially assembled to ensure the easiest collection and greatest precision depending on your personal needs.

Collecting your sample is non-invasive and fast. Simply pee in a cup, swab or prick your finger – it’s that easy! After you capture your sample, mail it in using the pre-addressed postage-free envelope provided. It’s discreet so you can drop it in the mail with the rest of your shipments.

Your lab-certified results will be delivered electronically in a matter of days. We make it that easy!

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Useful for Patients and Physicians

Our affiliated physician networks and health experts ensure that your lab results are handled with care and meet nationwide healthcare standards. Trained counselors are available to provide guidance and treatment options in the event of a positive result.

Prefer to work with your personal physician? No problem. Just print the PDF version of your results and bring it with you to your next doctor visit. Our tests are lab-certified and accepted everywhere.

Not All Tests Are Made Equal

Since 2014 myLAB Box has been at the forefront of at-home diagnostic testing. We were the first company to launch an at-home testing service for sexual health in all 50 states. Soon after we also became the first nationwide testing-to-treatment platform. From our kits, lab vetting process, quality control and treatment best practices we work with the top healthcare experts to offer at-home solutions to rival and surpass traditional lab and clinical services. We are committed to offering you easy, convenient and fast screening solutions every step of the way. We are there for you if you have questions, want to understand your results or need to make a change to your service.

STD Test Cost Comparison

Compare to Alternative Options

myLAB Box is not just easy to use, it is also one of the most comprehensive and affordable STD testing options on the market. Our tests are on average less than half the cost of doing the same tests in a lab or clinic without any co-pays or follow-up exam costs.

We have redesigned the entire testing experience to give you the tools you need to make decisions, get treated and live a better life. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. Here is an at-a-glance view of how myLAB Box compares to the services of other providers.

Revolutionary? You bet!

Beware of Instant STD Kits Sold Online.

The only instant kit approved by the FDA is for HIV. All other instant kits such as are not approved by the FDA and sold illegally in the U.S. Therefore, accuracy levels are unchecked. All myLAB Box mail-in kits either use an FDA-approved test or are validated by a myLAB Box lab affiliate for self-collection and transport in the mail.

Ready to Find Out Why At-Home Testing is So Popular?