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At-home testing – the convenience
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receives a free physician consultation.

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PrEP Box Baseline (Male)

Pre-exposure prophylaxis testing helps you keep track of your health.

3 Month PrEP Box (Male)

Testing every 3 months for continuing PrEP prescription.


8 panel home STD test for Male & Female – just as thorough as going to the clinic.

At-Home Testing for Everyone

Staying Healthy Has Never Been Easier

At PillowTalk and Hermes Health Sciences: We understand that living your most vibrant and confident life means having the knowledge of your health. If for some reason a test result is positive, our physician team can help interpret the results and help create a path to better health. Both PillowTalk and Hermes Health Sciences teams are here for you.

Collect. Test. Know. Your best life is now.

Free Physician Consultation w/Any Positive Test Result(s)

Test with confidence: Hermes Health Sciences supports you throughout
the testing process. Some test results can be complicated or confusing.
Our Physician team is here to help interporate what a positive result
may mean in your health care plan. A physician consultation can be
easily scheduled through your online Hermes Health Sciences portal.

Understanding and caring physicians are standing by.

Frequently Asked Questions

Testing Q&A

Is Testing Painful?

No, Hermes Health Sciences at-home kits are minimally invasive and easy to use.

Do Tests Compare to Regular Doctor’s Office Tests?

Yes. All tests are validated by Hermes Health Sciences clinical laboratory affiliates. Results are comparable to samples collected in a physician’s office or clinical laboratory.

Disclaimer: Tests used in Hermes Health Sciences kits have been developed and performance characteristics determined by Hermes Health Sciences clinical laboratory affiliates. Tests have not been approved by the US Federal and Drug Administration (FDA). These tests are used for clinical purposes. They should not be regarded as investigational or for research. Hermes Health Sciences clinical laboratory affiliates are regulated under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) of 1988 as qualified to perform high complexity clinical testing and follow the guidelines of the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

Do Kits Expire?

Yes. It is advised to take your test when received. However, at-home test kits typically remain valid between 6-12 months from the time you receive it allowing you can buy in bulk and test as you go. a kit’s expiration date is marked on each box and may vary.

How Long Does it Take to Get My Test Results?

Results turnaround is estimated between 5-11 days. This includes 1-3 days for shipping to the customer and 2-8 days for return shipping and laboratory processing and posting online results. Once posted in the customer online portal a secure link is sent to the customer. Please be advised mail delivery timelines may vary and in rare occasions result in longer processing timeframes.

Positive Results Q&A

Do You Offer Treatment for Positive STD Test Results?

Yes. A free phone consultation and treatment evaluation with one of our Physician affiliate is included with any positive test results.

Depending on your symptoms at the time of consultation, the physician may be able to send a prescription to the pharmacy of your choosing immediately. To request a physician consultation, email with your order number. A brief questionnaire will be e-mailed to you to complete prior to scheduling a physician consultation. Please note, availability of consultation and treatment services varies by state of residence and symptoms. All Hermes Health Sciences test results are lab-certified and can be take them to your physician or clinic for treatment.

Can I Get a Prescription If I Test Positive for An STD?

Depending on your symptoms at the time of your free phone consultation/evaluation, the physician may be able to send a prescription to the pharmacy of your choosing immediately.

Do you Have Counselors Available to Speak to if I Test Positive for an STD?

Yes. All positive results are eligible for a complimentary phone consultation with one of our authorized STD counselors who can address any questions or concerns.

Shipping Q&A

Where Do You Ship?

U.S. Only. However, we are always working to further expand our coverage.

Are Test Kit(s) Shipping Discreetly?

Yes, shipping is discreet. We use generic packaging for your privacy. Product name and/or business name are not placed on the outside of the package or on the return envelope.

When Will Test Kits Ship?

3-5 days First Class Mail Shipping: FREE

Orders placed before the shipping cut off of 11am PST (1pm CST) will be shipped on the same day.

Orders placed on Friday after the shipping cut off or on a weekend will be shipped on the following Monday.


2-days Shipping is available: $7.00

Cut off times apply.


Overnight Shipping: $45.00

Shipping cut off is 11am PST (1pm CST).

Orders placed before the shipping cut off will be shipped on the same day.

Orders placed on a Friday after the shipping cut off or on a weekend will be shipped on the following Monday and may have an expected delivery by courier service on Tuesday.



Expected delivery date may change depending on the courier service and their delivery schedule in your area. Though we make every effort to work with our carriers to deliver as quickly as possible, delivery dates are not guaranteed. Additionally, Saturday deliveries are not always available in all delivery areas.

STD Screening Q&A

What Are Reactive And Non-Reactive Result?

Simply put, a Reactive result indicates a Positive result. A Non-reactive result indicates a Negative result.

Am Experiencing STD Symptoms, Now What?

If you are currently experiencing any STD symptoms, we recommend testing immediately or contacting your primary care physician or licensed health practitioner for an exam. Stop any further sexual activity until your healthcare provider advises it is safe to do so.

What Happens if I Get a Positive STD Test Result?

First, don’t panic. Stop any further sexual activity until your healthcare provider advises it is safe to do so. Early detection is a good thing! Contact your primary care physician or a licensed health practitioner for to discuss next steps. Additionally, one of our authorized STD counselors and affiliate physicians is available for immediate help. Contact us at (866) 781-4007.

Can I Get a False Positive?

Every positive test result comes with a free Physician phone consultation. So, you are not left wondering what to do next. Although the Hermes Health Sciences tests are up to 99.9% accurate, on rare occasions a false positive may occur. That is why we ensure member of our Physician team is available to help you determine your best path forward. You should also contact your primary care physician or a licensed healthcare practitioner to schedule an appointment and treatment. Do not engage in further sexual activity until your healthcare provider advises it is safe to proceed.

Does a Negative Result Mean No STD?

Maybe. However, every disease has a “Window Period” during which the presence of the infection may not be detected. While you may test negative in the early part of this period, it does not mean that you will not test positive at a later date. Frequent and regular STD testing is critical to knowing more about your health status.

Here are a few estimated “Window Periods”:

  • HIV – 3 to 12 weeks
  • Chlamydia- 2 days up to 4 weeks
  • Gonorrhea – 2 days up to 3 weeks
  • Trich – 7-10 days
How Frequently Should I Get Tested for STDs?

It Varies. Recommended test frequency can vary depending upon your lifestyle. Optimum frequency for sexually active adults can be every 3-6 months for less sexually active adults and at least once per year. We recommend testing if any of the following are true:

  • You believe you may have been exposed to a disease
  • You have had sex within the past 6 months
  • You have had unprotected sex
  • You have never tested for STDs
  • Before starting a new sexual relationship
Do I Still Need to See My Doctor for An Annual Exam?

Yes. Hermes Health Sciences STD testing should not replace your annual health visit. You can always share your Hermes Health Sciences test results with your doctor.

Do you Accept FSA Payment Cards, HSA Cards or Health Insurance to Purchase an At Home STD Kit?

We currently DO accept FSA and HSA payment cards, however at this time we DO NOT accept payment by health insurance providers.

Is There An Age Limit for Purchasing An STD Test Kit?

Customers 14 and older can use the Hermes Health Sciences platform without restrictions. There is no age restriction for HIV testing, however the FDA recommends that users are 18 or older.

Who Should Test for HIV?

The CDC recommends that screening for HIV should be performed routinely for all individuals aged 13-64 years. In addition, anyone interested in receiving a prescription for PrEP therapy should test for HIV.

Which STD Test Is Best for A Transgender Person?

We recommend the “Male” test for chlamydia, gonorrhea, Mycoplasma genitalium, or trich testing If you are transgender, cisgender or other.

Why? Because the this type of test uses urine collection rather than a vaginal swab, which makes a more diverse range of testing cases.

Our HIV, syphilis, HSV-2 (genital herpes type 2), and Hepatitis C tests are unisex and based on a blood sample. In this case, gender will not affect the collection process or accuracy of the test results.

Women 30+ years of age – HPV high-risk type testing, using a vaginal swab for collection, can be used for cervical cancer screening. Depending on the type of surgery you have had, cervical cancer screening may or may not be necessary. Please consult with your healthcare provider.

At Hermes Health Sciences our mission is to provide life-changing, personalized preventive care to improve outcomes, so you can lead a healthier and more vibrant life.