Chlamydia Mouth in the Dating World

Dating With Oral Chlamydia Can Be Stressful

Did you know oral sex can lead to the dreaded chlamydia mouth and throat? It’s true. Chlamydia is the most frequently reported bacterial sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the United States.  It’s also one of several common STIs that can affect your body outside of your genital region. In most cases, sexual contact between infected partners is how chlamydia is transmitted.

Here’s the catch: the area of infection determines what kind of chlamydia you’ll contract.

Today we’ll be discussing chlamydia mouth and its potential effects on your dating life!

How Do You Catch “Chlamydia Mouth?”

As you might expect, oral sex is the most likely culprit. If you’ve been giving head to an infected partner, you may be at risk for a case of chlamydia in the throat.

Oral chlamydia can actually be pretty tricky to detect. In fact, the symptoms of chlamydia in the mouth are often as mild as a sore throat. Other times it can include a slight fever or swollen lymph nodes. Even worse, you may not experience any detectable signs of mouth chlamydia at all.

Overall, the number one takeaway here is that oral sex is still sex. It may be less risky than “traditional” intercourse, but there is still a chance of infection. In order to completely avoid oral STIs, we must still take certain precautions. For the dating world, condoms and dental dams are an excellent first line of defense. Safe sex is always a smartest idea.

Extragenital Testing to the Rescue

Fortunately, every variety of chlamydia is relatively easy to treat. That said, the infection needs to be properly diagnosed before it can be eliminated. If left to fester, a case of chlamydia can lead to serious consequences.

Screening for genital chlamydia is pretty simple. You take a basic test, get your results and start treatment. Oral chlamydia can be a slightly tricky. You see, a traditional genital-only test would not be able to diagnose an infection somewhere else on your body. For this, you’ll need a specific test. That’s where extragenital testing comes in!

At myLAB Box, we offer three-site testing. This covers infections that affect the mouth, throat and rectal regions. Depending on your lifestyle and sexual activity, this testing method is a powerful new weapon in the fight against extragenital chlamydia. The sooner you know your status, the sooner you can stop the spread of the infection.

How to Test at Home

Testing has never been easier. Skip the clinic visits and doctor’s appointments.  Instead, test from home and get the same lab-certified results. The process is simple:

  • Order an STI testing kit online. (You even get free shipping!)
  • Collect a sample using the easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Send the sample off for testing. (More free shipping!)
  • Receive your lab-certified results online in just days.

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