Why a Coronavirus Rapid Test is Essential to End the Pandemic

Why a Coronavirus Rapid Test is Essential to End the Pandemic

Coronavirus is one of the most serious pandemics the United States has ever had to face. Not only is it causing mass fear and worry among people, but it’s also projected to lead to short-staffed medical facilities, a test kit and testing supplies shortage, and many other problems, including a potential economic crisis.

Thankfully, though, some companies are doing everything they can to create test kits and provide them to healthcare professionals and, at some point in the near future, even directly to consumers.

Fast, rapid testing is extremely important for the health and wellbeing of the world at large.


It is extremely important for people who think they may have Coronavirus or who are at an increased risk for complications from it to be tested and officially diagnosed as soon as possible.

Fast testing and diagnosis offer many benefits. One of the simpler ones is that it reduces stress, worry, and panic. Many people are very concerned about having contracted Coronavirus, and knowing one way or the other can help to ease their minds and anxieties.

Even more importantly, people who are diagnosed with Coronavirus as soon as possible can seek the treatment they need, which is incredibly important for those at an increased risk of serious complications.

Waiting too long due to not testing and not having a diagnosis could mean the difference between life and death. People who test positive can also take measures to reduce the likelihood of spreading the virus to others, particularly those who could potentially die or suffer greatly from it.


Almost everyone has heard by now that quarantining as much as possible is important. However, without widespread Coronavirus testing available, there is no choice but for everyone to quarantine, which is shutting down businesses, impacting the economy, and having severe negative effects overall.

With fast, widespread testing, however, more people can get diagnosed more quickly, which will encourage them to quarantine effectively, thus reducing the risk of spreading the virus to others.

If testing can become widespread enough and be conducted soon enough, this could slowly lead to only those who test positive having to quarantine, reducing the widespread effect this pandemic is having on the United States and on the world as a whole.

Home Testing

While widespread, rapid Coronavirus testing would prove extremely helpful for people, at-home testing for the virus could be even more helpful, which is why myLAB Box is working tirelessly to develop and market these tests not just to healthcare professionals but to concerned individuals as well.

Home testing could ultimately save a lot of lives. When people can test at home, they don’t have to go out into the public and put healthcare professionals and, by extension, their families at risk.

As long as their conditions are not severe, they should be able to treat themselves at home once they test positive, which would play a huge role in reducing the spread of the virus and returning the world back to normal as soon as possible.

Should You Test for Coronavirus?

Obviously, rapid Coronavirus testing is incredibly important and could be the main key to stopping this pandemic. However, you may be wondering whether or not you should try and get tested for Coronavirus.

If you are considering testing, make sure that you aren’t “panic testing,” meaning just getting tested due to fears or unrealistic anxieties. This type of testing could potentially keep someone who truly needs a test from getting one.

Instead, you should only consider testing if you have a legitimate reason to believe you may have Coronavirus, such as having traveled to a country with a high infection rate recently, exhibiting known symptoms, or having come into close contact with an infected person.

If testing is truly necessary for you and is available in your area, try to get tested as soon as possible. If not, err on the side of caution until you can be tested by a healthcare professional or until you’re able to access at-home testing.

Ultimately, remember that everyone is scared right now. Everyone knows the effect Coronavirus could have on life as we know it. As such, do your part to advocate for the one thing that could change it all: at home coronavirus testing. If you can do that in any way, shape, or form, you can play a role in helping the world in this difficult time.

We are working hard to make an at-home test available to consumers soon in compliance with the new regulation requirements. Please sign up here and we’ll update you as soon as it is live.