Don't Mistake These Chlamydia Symptoms In Women For Other Ailments

Don’t Mistake These Chlamydia Symptoms in Women for Other Ailments

Chlamydia symptoms in women can be mild, or they can be obvious and unpleasant. It’s just as common for women to feel no symptoms at all. This is the unfortunate reason the infection is so common.

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When there aren’t any symptoms–or when symptoms are mild–it’s easy to confuse an STI for a different ailment. This often leads to infections going undiagnosed and untreated, and spreading with continued sexual activity.


Mistaken Identity

For women, the symptoms of chlamydia can include more frequent urination. Sometimes there may be a burning sensation while peeing. This is commonly mistaken for signs of a bladder infection.

Sore throat and difficulty swallowing food? This could be an oral chlamydia infection (read about ‘chlamydia throat’ here), which can feel like strep throat or the common cold or flu.

Abdominal pain is an unfortunate monthly occurrence for many women. However, it could also be a symptom of chlamydia. Take note if the abdominal pain increases during intercourse and if it spreads to the pelvic region.


Investigate Before You Diagnose Yourself

It’s important to recognize the symptoms of STIs so you can start feeling better and avoid passing it on to someone else. That being said, it can still be confusing if the symptoms are so similar to other ailments.

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