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Can You Get Gonorrhea in Your Mouth or Throat?

Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection that is most commonly spread through the genitals during sex. It’s symptoms vast and includes burning discharges, swollen genitals, and all kinds of itchiness. Unfortunately, gonorrhea has evolved to the point that you can catch it in both your mouth and your throat. In fact, engaging in oral sex with someone that is infected will almost guarantee that you catch the disease. That means that gonorrhea is entirely transferable between the genitals and the mouth or throat so regardless of your sexual contact, it’s important to know that any contact will put you at risk of catching the infection.

Can you catch gonorrhea in your mouth through casual contact?

Luckily, gonorrhea spreads primarily through sexual fluids. That means that in order to catch it, one needs to come into direct and open contact with sexual fluids. That includes semen, vaginal discharge, and mucous membranes, all transmitted sexually. Unlike syphilis and herpes, gonorrhea doesn’t transfer easily through kissing or from the rim of glasses. As long as you aren’t having anal, vaginal, or oral sex with somebody that is infected, you should be relatively safe from infection. However, there is always a chance that residual fluids in somebody’s mouth could infect you or somebody that that individual comes in contact with. Always be aware of who you choose to be sexually active with.

What are the symptoms of Oral Gonorrhea

When it comes to gonorrhea, especially oral gonorrhea, there is an entire slew of symptoms that you should be aware of. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Painful, swollen glands – This is probably the most common sign that you’ve been infected with gonorrhea in your mouth or throat. If your glands are swollen and even painful to the touch, it’s important that you get them checked out as soon as possible.
  • Conjunctivitis – Although commonly referred to as ‘pink eye,’ conjunctivitis is a painful and itchy infection that may produce pus and sensitivity to light.
  • Sore throat – If you’re experiencing a sore throat after engaging in oral sex or anything that would have transmitted sexual fluids into your mouth or throat, that should raise an alarm. Sometimes minor symptoms are the telltale sign that you’ve been infected.
  • Difficulty swallowing – If you’re having difficulty swallowing in combination with any of the other symptoms, be sure to look out for other symptoms, and get tested.

Can you treat oral gonorrhea?

Luckily, since gonorrhea is a bacterial infection, there are ways to cure it. In order to successfully take care of the infection, you must first get tested. At myLAB Box™, we provide you with any kit you need to get tested in the privacy of your own home. Knowledge is the first step to prevention so don’t hesitate to get tested.

Once diagnosed, you will be assigned a course of antibiotics that you must complete in its entirety. Any prescription must be followed through and completed in order to fully take care of a gonorrhea infection.

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