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How are Star Wars and STD Testing Alike?

It’s a line worthy of Luke Skywalker, but it’s really from a friend—riffing on how Star Wars characters might talk about safe sex practices. And, it’s good advice. Being a good Jedi means taking responsibility for the things you do—and safe sex falls in that category. We can’t help but think of the Star Wars […]

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Sex Ed 201 : Learning How to Say Yes and No

All the rules change when you get to college—curfews fall away, parental supervision disappears and you’re left to navigate all on your own. You will be exposed to strangers and larger numbers of possible partners than you probably experienced in high school. It can be a heady experience. And it may be a little scary—so let’s have the sex […]

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Celebrating National LGBT Pride Month

Every year people across the globe celebrate Gay Pride or LGBT Pride Month, in honor of the 1969 Stonewall riots in NYC. That rebellion on June 28, 1969 is considered the birth of the LGBTQ movement. We’ve come a long way and there’s more to come. So far, 2015  has been a significant year for the LGBTQ […]

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Have Fun Even If You’re Not Ready to Have Sex

You and your new partner have sent in your test kits, now you’re waiting for results. What are you going to do while you wait? All too often we rush into sex without getting to know each other. Taking it slow can make things all that juicier and exciting when you finally do have sex. […]

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April Fools : Condoms Protect You from Herpes

Condoms are great in protecting you from most STDs and are a staple of safe sex. The popular assumption is that by always using condoms sexually transmitted infections cannot be transmitted. Wrong. Let’s look at a the facts: Myth: We used condoms so we are 100% safe from herpes Latex condoms offer the best protection […]

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STI Mythbuster : Oral Sex Is Safe Sex

How often do we hear people say they didn’t really have sex-because she only gave him a blowjob or he just went ‘down on her’. The assumption is that by sex is defined as intercourse, and if we aren’t having ‘sex’ we are protected from a sexually transmitted infection. Wrong. Let’s look at a the facts: Myth: […]

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Online Dating and Sex

Did you know if you found your partner online, you are more than three times more likely to get an STD from them than if you met them the old fashioned way?* Can you be fully in charge of your own sexual health and navigate online dating successfully? Absolutely. When you understand your needs and are […]