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Is There Such Thing as an Instant Chlamydia Test?

Is There Such Thing as an Instant Chlamydia Test?

The short answer is yes: an instant chlamydia test does exist. When it comes to getting STI results, most people would agree that faster is better. However, while fast is great, accurate is best.   Two types of tests “Instant” tests do exist, and they can provide results in minutes. However, these tests require a cervical […]

male symptoms of chlamydia

Tracking the Male Symptoms of Chlamydia

Most sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can have different effects on men and women, so today we’re going to be investigating the male symptoms of chlamydia. Chlamydia is shockingly prevalent in this country. As one of the most frequently contracted STIs, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), chlamydia has an estimated 1.5 million cases of […]

Test for an STI at Home

Test for an STI at Home

Testing for an STI at home is no longer just a dream. At-home STI test kits are a convenient reality and they’ll ship to your front door anywhere in the U.S. myLAB Box is the first nationwide home STI test service, built to put you in control of your sexual health.   Order online The myLAB […]

Signs of an STD in Children

Signs of an STD in Children

Parents of newborns are often watching for signs of trouble, but many don’t think to look for signs of an STD. Like signs of STDs in seniors, the two just don’t seem to go together. But unlike missing these cues in seniors, ignoring the signs in infants could have fatal consequences.   How children get STDs […]

Chlamydia: An Oral History

Chlamydia: An Oral History

Chlamydia (including oral chlamydia) is the most commonly reported STD in the US today. But because chlamydia can have no symptoms, there are likely twice as many infections than we think. The CDC identified a little over 1.5 million new cases in 2015, but they estimate that almost 3 million infections actually occur annually in the US*. Where It All Began […]

How Do You Get Gonorrhea?

How do you get Gonorrhea?

How do you get gonorrhea? Well, the CDC estimates* about 820,000 new cases of gonorrhea in the US each year. Many people are finding out just how easy it can be to contract gonorrhea. There are a few contributing factors to consider.   Online Dating Gone Right (And Then Wrong) These days, you can be […]

what is chlamydia

Know Your STDs: What is Chlamydia?

What is chlamydia? That’s a pretty important question! Let’s find out in today’s blog post! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), chlamydia is one of the most frequently contracted sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the United States. There have been an estimated 1.5 million cases of chlamydia diagnosed in this country […]

How Managing The Symptoms of HIV Can Help Prevent AIDS

How Managing the Symptoms of HIV Can Help Prevent AIDS

The early symptoms of HIV* are generally reminiscent of the flu. Headaches, fever, sore throat and a body rash are usually the first and most common symptoms to arise. Less commonly, you may experience other flu-like symptoms, such as swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, nausea, night sweats, muscle aches and joint pains.   Test Yourself Often […]

These Are The Most Common HSV 2 Symptoms

These are the Most Common HSV 2 Symptoms

The topic of HSV 2 symptoms might be an unpleasant one to discuss. In many cases, it actually produces very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. This is why it goes undiagnosed so often–which in turn contributes to the spread of the virus.   The Worst Of It HSV 2 (or herpes simplex virus […]

symptoms of gonorrhea

Cracking Down on The Clap: Symptoms of Gonorrhea

Do you know the symptoms of gonorrhea? This deceptive sexually transmitted infection (STI) can be hard to pin down! In fact, it may not show any symptoms at all. At myLAB Box, we want our customers to have as much knowledge as possible. In today’s blog, we’re providing you with a resource that pinpoints all […]