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When it comes to testing for HIV or AIDS, you want your testing to be accurate, safe, discreet and reliable. In modern health care, there are three tests broadly available. These include antibody tests, combination or fourth generation tests, as well as nucleic acid tests. All of them could be performed using urine, blood, or sexual fluids. The most accurate tests come from blood, and at myLAB Box™ we take our testing very seriously. If you order a kit from us, whether through a combo box or individual test, results are obtained using a combo Antigen/Antibody ELISA for the qualitative detection of HIV p24 antigen and antibodies to HIV type 1 (HIV-1 groups M and O) and HIV type 2 (HIV-2) in human blood. We know this is a mouthful, but be certain that we take this type of testing very seriously.

Why you should get tested for HIV?

Unfortunately, when HIV is contracted you show very few symptoms. In fact, many people go asymptomatic for years. The only sign of infection comes from flu-like symptoms and body aches that appear around two weeks after initial contact with an infected person. This makes getting diagnosed very difficult and rarer than we would like to see. Other symptoms include headaches, fevers, tiredness, swollen lymph nodes, and rashes. These symptoms are so regular that recognizing them as early onset HIV symptoms never really happens. The Center for Disease Control recommends that you get routinely tested between the ages of 13-64. When you do decide to get tested, test confidently with myLAB Box™. Read about the effects on untreated HIV here. Most HIV tests are fairly accurate at detecting HIV, but no HIV test can detect the virus directly following contamination. How quickly an analysis can detect infection depends upon several factors, including the type of test being used. In general, nucleic acid tests (NAT) can detect HIV the soonest, followed by combination or fourth generation tests, and then antibody tests. At myLAB Box™ our combined test works to give you accurate and lab test results that inform you of any presence of HIV in your system. We’ll also follow up with information and options if your test comes back positive.

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No safe and effective cure currently exists, but with proper medical care, HIV can be managed and controlled. Antiretroviral therapy (ART) can dramatically prolong the lives of those people infected with HIV and lower their chance of infecting others. Before the introduction of ART in the mid-1990s, people with HIV could progress to AIDS in just a few years. Decades ago, America saw thousands of innocent people succumb to AIDS. Today, someone diagnosed with HIV and treated before the disease is advanced can have a nearly normal life expectancy.  

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