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Have Fun Even If You’re Not Ready to Have Sex

You and your new partner have sent in your test kits, now you’re waiting for results. What are you going to do while you wait? All too often we rush into sex without getting to know each other. Taking it slow can make things all that juicier and exciting when you finally do have sex. […]

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Baby It’s Cold Outside : Sexual Health Tips for the Winter Months

  Cold weather does a number on skin and hair. Dry skin, chapped lips, hair that lies flat—what’s a girl, or a guy, to do? What about ‘other’ parts of your body. Are you paying attention to your sexual health? Scented lotions and creams are fine for hands and neck, but scents and artificial ingredients are […]

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Birth Control History in Pictures – An Infographic Tells All

Whether you plan on having a family now or in the future, start by having safer sex today. Take a peak at this snapshot history of condoms and contraception as we know it today and see what our friends at NeoMam Studios and Lloyd’s Pharmacy think could be a possible future for birth control. What do […]

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Sexy New Year Resolutions

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Do you make New Year resolutions? I used to until I realized that they rarely lasted very long. What works best for me is to look a little deeper, see what I want to create in my life and then set an intention. What do you want to create […]

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Winter Solstice – A Celebration of Light, Life, and Love

Sunday, December 21 marks the first day of winter and the winter solstice. It was historically referred to as the rebirth of the sun. People celebrated with a variety of rituals to welcome the sun back on this the shortest day of the year. But for most of us living in the Northern Hemisphere the […]

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This Halloween Take the Fear Out of Intimate Encounters

You know that first moment when you met a new guy, excitement with a smidge of trepidation as you think about the next steps? It can be a little like Halloween as a kid—will it be all treats and fun? Or is there something a little scary in there I have yet to find out? What […]

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Test for STDs at Home? myLAB Box Launches

Pioneering myLAB Box Empowers You to Take Control of Your Health by Screening for Major STDs Anytime and Anywhere. Order Your At Home STD Test Now Let’s face it, the conventional STD testing process is so riddled with inconvenience and discomfort, it causes many Americans – possibly even you! – to skip their annual exam. With the […]

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