Let Doctors Focus on the Sick - At Home Coronavirus Testing

Let Doctors Focus on the Sick – At Home Coronavirus Testing

There are numerous news stories that say people are being denied Coronavirus testing. Fortunately, certified independent labs like myLab Box are announcing pre-sale of at-home COVID-19 tests in response to the urgent needs to test the world’s population.

When denied, or simply concerned, at home Coronavirus testing could be the solution to this rapidly growing issue.

As tests are limited in numbers, the number of people tested has been restricted to those that show clear symptoms or are already seriously ill.  In some hospitals, the only patients tested are those that are above 65 or have pre-existing conditions.

The problem  is that medical professionals such as doctors can’t get tested, even after treating patients with COVID-19. Imagine how that would feel like as a doctor, where your main purpose is to heal people, but instead you ‘might’ be infecting patients and colleagues.

It is absolutely vital that people can get the tests, get them fast, and get them affordably.

Without effective testing, breaking the spread of this virus will be almost impossible.

Let Doctors Focus on the Sick - At Home Coronavirus Testing

Are the Coronavirus Testing Numbers Accurate?

There is a massive problem with the numbers, both in the USA and worldwide.

Without enough tests available, and the virus not showing clear symptoms (sometimes for weeks), it is spreading without being tracked.

Months passed before there were any real crackdowns on travel. People were freely flying too and from known infected zones.

As reported in the Los Angeles Times “Researchers estimate that by March 1, the virus had already infected about 1,000 to 10,000 people who have not yet been accounted for.” This means that by now, tens of thousands of Americans could be infected, many of whom don’t yet know it.

What is worse, is that they are potentially infecting family, friends, and colleagues. The people they infect are then potentially passing it to everyone they meet.

This is WHY testing is so important at this time. If people continue to travel freely, completely unaware of being infected, this virus could cripple the US healthcare systems and potentially cripple the country financially.

With current numbers being reported, as LA Times suggested, it is likely the figures are “likely just the tip of a much larger iceberg”. Chances are that this has already spread much more than anyone has been able to confirm.

However, we can help to stop this with more effective and affordable testing being available to everyone!

Should I Get Tested for Coronavirus?

In general, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for everyone to get tested and to test periodically until this virus is under control. We need to stop the spread of Covid-19, and we can only do that if we are informed and that those infected employ social distancing.

However, there are some groups that are considered to be high-risk and so should seriously monitor their health and be tested.

  • Anyone who has traveled overseas, or recently been in contact with someone confirmed as a carrier
  • Older people, as the risk of complications, are much higher
  • People with asthma, as the Coronavirus causes breathing difficulties
  • People with HIV or other serious illnesses
  • Doctors or medical professionals, especially if they have treated anyone with the virus

It would also be particularly wise for people who use public transport to get themselves tested. This new Coronavirus can survive on surfaces for long periods and anyone infected not wearing a mask could infect a lot of nearby people on the same public transport.

What we now need to consider is that the people who traveled or have been in contact with the infected or Chinese from the motherland are not the only threat. The threat is now everywhere and could be any American, person, or surface in the USA.

Washing your hands regularly certainly can help to prevent infection, but social distancing is the only way we can ‘hopefully’ slow or stop the spread. If we know whether we are infected or not, we can then plan accordingly.

Social isolation and self-quarantine are also vital to slowing the spread and making the impact of the virus less serious. Without these measures, the virus can spread exponentially, leading to overwhelmed medical services, higher death rates, and intense panic.

At the time of writing (23 March 2020), the number of cases in the USA was already at 15,219. Of these cases, total deaths have reached 201. However, out of these cases, as known at this time, only 337 are known to be travel-related (as reported by the CDC).

Let Doctors Focus on the Sick - At Home Coronavirus Testing

Symptoms of COVID-19

There are various reports of symptoms with Coronavirus, and not all are the same. This can make it a tricky virus to diagnose without testing.

Many people have reported:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Cough (dry), often with a sore throat
  • Fever

However, recently there has been an announcement regarding ‘emergency symptoms’, which include:

  • Breathing difficulties and feeling out of breath
  • Persistent pain
  • Chest pressure
  • A new level of confusion
  • Unable to wake up
  • Bluish lips or bluish pigment in the face

If you, or someone you know, get the above symptoms, be sure to test and seek medical assistance urgently.

Let Doctors Focus on the Sick - At Home Coronavirus Testing

How Can I Get Tested for Coronavirus?

If you are looking to get tested for the Coronavirus, there are now more convenient options for you.

At the start of all of this, there simply were not enough tests available. This meant that even if there was a significant chance you had Coronavirus, you still couldn’t get tested.

However, there are also some hidden threats of going to hospitals or clinics to get tested. This is because of the following factors:

  • You could infect people that are in the high-risk group
  • You could become infected by someone at the hospital or clinic
  • The doctor or nurse could be infected
  • The cost is high
  • The medical treatment costs can put people off testing

Fortunately, myLAB Box has developed an affordable solution. It is an at-home Coronavirus testing kit that is being released to the public shortly. If you are interested in the test you should sign up and you will be alerted as soon as the test is available.

Once the test is open to the public in general, it will mean that you can test at home while practicing social distancing. You avoid infecting others and avoid being infected (if you are currently clean).

The COVID-19 home testing kit uses a simple swabbing system that doesn’t require needles or blood tests. The lab then analyses your sample and provides you with a result online, normally available the next day. So, professional analysis and disposal of the sample are included in the price.

If you test positive for COVID-19, a medical professional is available via teleconsultation to provide you with advice and even provide prescriptions when needed.

We are working hard to make an at-home test available to consumers soon in compliance with the new regulation requirements. Please sign up here and we’ll update you as soon as it is live.