myLAB Box

Take the guesswork out of safe sex
by screening at home.

myLAB is the first online service that empowers you to screen for STDs
from the comfort of your home at a frequency optimized for your lifestyle.

Easy Online Ordering

Discreet Packaging

Screen on the Go

Fast and Accurate Results

Enjoy Perks and Rewards

Individual Kits

Screening kits on demand.

Browse our marketplace and choose from single kits and one-off box packs for you or you and your partner. Fast shipping will have you on the way to safer sex in a matter of days.

Subscription Plans

Screening so simple you can forget about it.

Automate your life - screen for high risk STDs from the comfort of your home on a schedule optimized for your lifestyle. No awkward conversations, no hassle. Two levels available. Unlock surprise perks as you go and enjoy peace of mind.

myLAB’s innovative home screening model offers an invaluable early detection opportunity that can change the way we think of and maintain sexual health in the U.S. and beyond. - Dr. Lee

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